ISIS once again issues threats and commands it's followers to act on Election day!


ISIS calls for “slaughter” of US voters on Election Day

The Islamic State called for the “slaughter” of US voters, the day after a warning by US Intelligence sources that Islamist terrorist may be preparing attacks in New York. Texas and Virginia timed for Election Day. The Islamist terrorist group demanded that Muslims boycott the voting process because "there is no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties in their “policies against Islam and Muslims.”

Just as they did three days before the slaughter in Orlando at the Pulse club.

While the world claims ISIS is not Islamic, at the same time ISIS refutes that claim and admits they are obeying the Quran.

Three days before killing over 50 people and injuring another 50, they called for the slaughter and it was answered by a faithful follower. He even admitted he was following orders and obeying the Quran, doing it for Allah.

Let us hope and pray they are not successful tomorrow.

Let us do every thing we can to help the people we know to understand this real threat and understand that Islam WILL become a much bigger problem than most people think it will.

The Bible clearly shows us what is coming very soon.

Don't believe the world as they promote the lie that Islam is peaceful and these are just a few radicals. It is what all Muslims must do if they obey their god.

And don't believe the lie that ISIS is not Islam. It most certainly is.


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