Russia's Putin says he recognizes West Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. This is definitely something to watch as it aligns with much Biblical Prophecy!


This lines up very well with what we are waiting for and know will end up coming to pass...

We know specifically from the Bible that there will be a 7 year peace agreement which will be what the Bible prophesied to be what we call the Confirmation of the Covenant. (the covenant God made with Abraham defining the land of Israel)

Russia is now the only nation other than the United States that has acknowledged this. More will follow, and we know this because this is necessary for the Confirmation.

We also know that the area which is now the West Bank, which was called Judaea in the Bible, will be unsafe for Jews when the Antichrist takes over the world (Matt 24:16, Mark 13:14, Luke 21:21).

This area is called the West Bank but is actually along the Eastern border of Israel.

It follows perfectly that when the covenant is confirmed and the peace treaty signed, that the East side of Jerusalem will remain in Palestinian hands and the West Bank will still be an area that will be controlled by Muslims, but settled by Jews.

When the Antichrist takes over (almost certainly to be a Muslim) he will cause Jews to be hunted and killed, so being in that area will be very, very dangerous for Jews at that time, just as Jesus said it would be.

Keep a watch on the news and I will send updates as they come to pass.