The slow, but sure, Islamization of Europe...

I wrote about this creeping Islamization three years ago in my Interfaith Doctrine eNewsletter.


London churches destroyed for Mosques


The above article was from March of 2018.

The below article is from May of 2021.


France churches destroyed for Mosques


This seems to be going unnoticed for the most part, especially in the USA with everyone so caught up in the political unrest and Covid.

Has Satan created a distraction to turn our eyes off of his main deception? I think, yes, he has.

We must remember that Satan knows the prophecies of the Bible better than we do, and he's set up the world to be deceived by his lies with his false Islamic prophecies, his false Catholic prophecies, his false Jewish prophecies, his lies about "aliens", his lies about "evolution", etc...

See the links here for documentation on each of Satan's deceptions:

The thing is, this creeping Islamization and conquering from within is how Islam operates when they cannot defeat you with the sword. They infiltrate and attempt to elicit sympathy with a "victim" stance in the beginning and cry "Islamophobia". They seek government positions to put their own in place to influence laws. Then when they grow stronger, they start demanding the implementation of Sharia law in their communities (happening in Europe and the US right now). Then when they have grown to a majority they take over and enforce Sharia law on everyone.

This is exactly what they're doing in the US. And they're accelerating that process with "refugees" who are really militants pretending to be seeking asylum.

We can see how this has worked very well for them in Europe! England, Germany, France, etc., are fast becoming Islamic nations.

They're coming. We need to have our eyes open to this. We know we can't change what will happen in Biblical prophecy, but we need to be prepared and ready when it happens.

Islam is Satan's Great Lie

The Antichrist will be a Muslim

We must watch and be prepared!

Study, watch, pray, and be ready for the Day of the Lord!