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Couple of interesting articles I saw today. The coming peace treaty is still being fought for, and the Vatican continues to join Islam in Jew hatred.

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Even though the Abraham Accords have fallen through the cracks, there is still progress being made toward the peace treaty that will be a significant event in Biblical Prophetic fulfillment (The Confirmation of the Covenant).

This is significant because the Abraham Accords have been declared "dead" by the new administration after the US 2020 election.

But there is still movement! We know for absolute certainty that this will happen eventually, we just can't say how soon it will come to pass.

It's very likely that this treaty will include a two state solution and that Jerusalem will be shared between Israel and Palestine as their capital city. West Jerusalem being Israeli, and East Jerusalem being Palestinian.

Another interesting aspect of this is that it's King Abdullah II of Jordan who is pushing this... I believe we could very well be looking at the face of the man who will be the Antichrist!
Who is the Antichrist?

Another interesting article shows how the Vatican continues to inch closer and closer to the union we know will come about between Islam and Catholicism.



Pope Francis is continually pushing for the Interfaith movement and trying to unite Islam and Catholicism. I believe that he believes he is the prophesied "final Pope" in Catholic prophecy. He believes he will create the One World Religion of the last days. And he will likely do so! But he's on the wrong side of God and will be the False Prophet of Revelation!

This is significant because it shows how we are getting closer and closer to the One World Religion that will be put into place when the Antichrist rises to power.

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