The "kings" of the modern world in comparison to the kings of Daniel 7.

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Biblical prophecy unfolding before our eyes?

It is quite amazing how the Lord couched His prophetic revelations in symbolic pictures in a way that they become so clear in the last days.

Dan 12:9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

People have tried for millenia to interpret the prophecies of the Bible, but they just couldn’t understand. Now that it’s the time of the end we can understand them. It’s not because we’re smarter or more spiritual than people in the past, it’s simply because God sealed them up until the time of the end, which is the time we’re living right now!

When we look at the prophetic vision of Daniel in chapter 7, it shows us that the "sea" (the waters of creation) will produce 4 "kings" in the last days.

These kings will be in existence when Jesus returns to put down the governments of man and establish the Kingdom of God.

Each "king" (or a nation and its ruler) is depicted as an animal symbol and was impossible to interpret in the time of Daniel since these nations did not exist at that time, but now they do and we can see them for what they are!

We have:

  1. A lion
  2. A bear
  3. A leopard with four heads
  4. A fourth dreadful and terrible beast with ten horns

On my Modern Nations in the Bible page, I explain how these symbols represent modern nations:

  1. The United Kingdom
  2. Russia
  3. Germany (currently in its fourth reich which is represented by the four heads)
  4. The coming union of 10 Islamic nations ruled by the Biblical Antichrist (these 10 "kings" are also shown to us in Daniel 2 and Revelation 17)

The thing that the Bible shows us, and is so important for us to understand, is that these four "kings" will unite as one governing body to rule the world as shown to us in Revelation 13.

This will be the New World Order.  This will be the political and military power base of the Antichrist.

This means that the United Kingdom, Russia and Germany will unite with the Islamic union that is soon to come to pass and the Antichrist will use this union of East and West, along with his religious partner, the Roman Catholic Church, to rule the world.

He will use peace as a weapon to take over the world (Dan 8:25).

He will most likely rise from the horror of World War 3, the sixth trumpet, and will use peace to gain his power and control over the world.

He will unite with the false prophet to unite the world in a single world religion (Rev 13:11-15).

The Antichrist will be promoted by a miracle-working religious partner!

So, when we see Pope Francis bringing about Interfaithism and trying to convince the world that Islam worships the same God that Christians do (a vile and wicked deception).

And, we see the United Kingdom and Germany being overwhelmed by Muslims, so much so that they are giving in to them by leaps and bounds.

And, we know that the Sixth Trumpet war (World War 3) is going to hit the world so hard that it will kill over 2 billion people, so it will probably be at that time that Russia will unite with the Islamic regime (the 10 nation union that will support the Antichrist).

We will then see this total union of the beasts of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 along with the false prophet and the taking over of the world by the Antichrist who is most certainly going to be the Muslim Mahdi that the Islamic world is waiting for with universal anticipation.

Can you see it?

This is happening right now!


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