My personal version of the Lords prayer.

My Lords Prayer

Our Father, the great God who created all things and exists everywhere and in everything, praise your Holy and Glorious name!

We wait patiently for your kingdom and ask that your will be done in earth, in our hearts, and in our words and actions, as it is in heaven.

I pray that you fill us with your Spirit and create in us a new and clean heart every day, renewing a right spirit within us, as we worship and praise your Holy Name, and that you give us us this day our daily bread in knowledge of your word and sustenance for our bodies and I thank you, Lord, for every thing.

Forgive us for every wrong we have done against you and against any person, just as we forgive everyone who has ever wronged us in any way.

And lead us away from temptation, away from the world and our flesh and the devil, delivering us from evil and wickedness, and put your armor on us Lord that we may withstand and fight with the sword of truth, your word!

Because your kingdom and power and glory is beyond words and is for ever!

Praise your Holy Name! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! Praise Yeshua, the Lord God Almighty! Our creator and our savior!