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The below is a computer generated transcript of the first hour or so of the video.

Kelleen: Hey. Hey. Hey.
Dan: We're live.
Kelleen: Welcome back, everyone. Yeah.
Dan: Welcome to Bible Prophecy And Truth Channel.
Kelleen: Yeah. We're here again. But how exciting?
Dan: Well, somebody's excited.
Kelleen: Yeah. Raja. Hi, Raja. Hi, Raja. Already.
Dan: Yeah.
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Dan: Because we want to be able to to share the truth. To as many people as possible.
Dan: That's what it's all about.
Kelleen: Yes. So we'll give it a couple minutes because that's what we did the last time.
Kelleen: Yeah.
Dan: Your people time to sit down, get their coffee get logged in. Popcorn. Popcorn.
Kelleen: Hi, Raja. How are you?
Dan: So I have to put my glasses on so I can see.
Kelleen: Raja's saying hi. Hey.
Kelleen: Raja, is a really good brother in Christ, and he has shown up for bible study a few times
Dan: from India.
Kelleen: From India.
Dan: Yeah. Yeah.
Kelleen: And so is his wife? His wife has called in. So Yeah. I'm just
Dan: Yeah. And, uh, Raja is one of those people that studies the word and really studies it.
Dan: Believes what it says.
Kelleen: Yeah.
Dan: That's what loving God is all about, believing what he said.
Kelleen: Yeah.
Dan: It's true. So let's
Kelleen: So we're we're gonna do something different today.
Kelleen: Um, we're we're still gonna give it So we're gonna give it a couple minutes more to see if more people show up in the chat, but we're gonna do something different today or tonight and we're gonna give our testimonies.
Kelleen: I think that it's really important that we share with everyone.
Kelleen: Who we are, how we came to know the lord, um, and it's it's what's fair.
Kelleen: It's fair to do that. If you're gonna be listening in on the channel, you need to know who you're talking to, who you're listening to.
Dan: Some crazy people or Real.
Kelleen: Yeah. We're crazy. We're definitely crazy.
Dan: Real people. That's what we are. That's for sure. Yeah.
Dan: So, yeah, um, I'm gonna let Killeen share her testimony first, and then I'll give my Do you
Kelleen: wanna give it a do you wanna give it a couple? No.
Dan: Let's go ahead. I think, uh, so a few minutes in. So
Kelleen: Okay. Alright. I know. I keep looking over here to to answer the chats.
Dan: Yeah. I'll keep an eye on it while you're talking.
Kelleen: Okay. Um, so my first experience with salvation, um, salvation was when I was 7.
Kelleen: And my family, uh, grew or my family was involved in this back to church, and we started getting told about God
Kelleen: And I don't remember a lot of what we were told, to be honest with you because I was very, very young.
Kelleen: Um, but it was drilled into my head that in order to be a Christian or to be saved, you had to ask Jesus to come into your heart and you had to do that now today.
Kelleen: So I promised my dad the the day before that I would go to Sunday school, and I would tell the teacher.
Kelleen: I'm like, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go and tell the teacher and and Uh, I'm gonna tell her that I want to get saved, and I wanna ask Jesus into my heart.
Kelleen: Now mind you, I had no earthly idea what I was doing.
Kelleen: I just knew I had to do this thing.
Kelleen: So, um, when it got to the end of the actual class at end of Sunday school.
Kelleen: Um, I raised my hand and I said, oh, oh, oh, I and I walked forward.
Kelleen: And I told the the study school teacher that I need to ask Jesus into my heart.
Kelleen: She's like, okay. Okay. So I just I all I remember is just getting on my knees and there was a little chair and I I got down my knees, and she said, now just repeat this after me.
Kelleen: And, uh, I don't remember what I said. I just said, uh, come into my heart.
Kelleen: And I was so excited because I did what my mom and dad told me I was supposed to do.
Kelleen: So I went home that day and, oh, that's just great.
Kelleen: We, you know, we had Sunday dinner and everything was fine. And I went on with my life.
Kelleen: And my life, um, didn't show any kind of salvation.
Kelleen: I didn't know what the holy spirit was. I believed in God
Kelleen: And I went to church, but I didn't know who he was or what he did, what he really did So then in 1990, um, I was my son, and so much of my life went by.
Kelleen: But in 1990, I was in my mid twenties. Late twenties.
Kelleen: And, um, I was going to another church. I was widowed then.
Kelleen: And I remember sitting in a church service and I there was a missionary that did the service that day, and he described how we see the world as if we're standing at a cliff and everybody is walking past us and falling off of this cliff.
Kelleen: To death, because that's what's happening to the world.
Kelleen: And at that moment, I got under conviction and Big time under conviction.
Kelleen: And I knew that I wasn't really saved. I didn't get saved when I was 7.
Kelleen: I didn't even know what that meant. But I knew then.
Kelleen: And so I went home and I was uh, Sunday.
Kelleen: I guess it was Sunday after church, I think.
Kelleen: And so then I realized that I was one of those people that was going off of a cliff to death.
Kelleen: And so I went to bed that night and I was up literally every hour on the hour.
Kelleen: And that is not exaggerated. Every single hour. Because I looked at the clock.
Kelleen: The clock was across the room from my bed, and I looked at it.
Kelleen: It was one 2, 3, 4. No lie.
Kelleen: And every time I woke up, I ask myself if I died right now, where would I go?
Kelleen: And I knew I knew where I was gonna go.
Kelleen: I was going to die in my sin. And I knew that.
Kelleen: So it was trouble, but I didn't make it right. And and that that was the thing.
Kelleen: I didn't make it right. And I I just knew and I was so the only way that I can describe it is that I was so engulfed in this I wanna say blackness, but I was under so much conviction that God I didn't have any other choice.
Kelleen: That's how I said it. I say it all the time. I didn't have any choice.
Kelleen: God didn't was not gonna let me go until it made this right.
Kelleen: So long story short, my mom and dad lived really close to us and and I was just I woke up that morning.
Kelleen: I was just in the fog. I was tired. I was just my mom knew something was wrong.
Kelleen: So she said, me and dad are gonna come over.
Kelleen: I'm gonna take Andy and then we're and then you and I were gonna go out for a little while.
Kelleen: We're gonna go to I have a doctor's appointment.
Kelleen: So she came over and We got in the car.
Kelleen: And whenever I was with my mom, I was truthful. I I could share my feelings.
Kelleen: I could I don't know what it was about her, but every time I was with her, I would just break down and cry.
Kelleen: Because I felt so close to her.
Kelleen: And so we got in the car, and we started to drive.
Kelleen: And she said, know something's wrong because I know you, and what is it?
Kelleen: And I said, mom, I'm not saved. And she said, I know.
Kelleen: She said I've been praying for you every single day since you were seven years old.
Kelleen: And I said, well, I said, I don't understand it.
Kelleen: This is what came out of my mouth. I said, but mom, I'm such a nice person.
Kelleen: And she looked at me. She was driving.
Kelleen: She looked at me and she said, did you just hear what you said?
Kelleen: And I said, yep. I caught it just as I said it.
Kelleen: I said, being a nice person or being a good person, is it gonna get you to heaven?
Kelleen: I'm I'm gonna die in my sin. I knew that.
Kelleen: And so we she said she had a doctor's appointment.
Kelleen: We pulled up to the doctor's office and the doctor's office was closed that day.
Kelleen: And my mom got in the car.
Kelleen: She said, I knew there was a reason why I needed to be with you today. She knew.
Kelleen: She's new. And she said, you need to you need to get this right with God
Kelleen: And so I just bowed my head and I just at beg God for His forgiveness.
Kelleen: And I knew I knew then what I had been missing.
Kelleen: I knew that I I I knew then that I needed the Holy Spirit.
Kelleen: I needed God and I understood it. Okay. So now let's fast forward.
Kelleen: I was at a right at that time, I was I was on fire for God
Kelleen: I was I was single. I was widowed.
Kelleen: I was wanting to remarry someday, and I wanted to marry a man who loved God
Kelleen: And I I was just so on fire for God
Kelleen: And but I felt like as time went on, I just I broke from that.
Kelleen: I I fell out of love with God and I went on with my life.
Kelleen: I fell away and I wasn't.
Kelleen: And you know why I wasn't backslidden?
Kelleen: Because backslidden isn't in the Bible. That's not scripture. I fell.
Kelleen: That is not in the Bible.
Kelleen: The Bible says that you fall and I fell. I just fell out of love with God
Kelleen: I had no fruit. I didn't if if if I would have died, probably 6 months in, I I wouldn't I wouldn't have gone to heaven.
Kelleen: I fell and I got caught up in the day to day things, and I got caught up in my old habits, and I got caught up in the world.
Kelleen: And I had worldly friends, and I had a worldly life and and so so let's fast forward.
Kelleen: I then um found myself in in a in a really bad relationship.
Kelleen: And, um, I wanted it so badly to work. And I kept praying to God
Kelleen: God I kept praying to God I kept saying, lord, please make this relationship work.
Kelleen: This relationship was not what God wanted for me. And I kept saying, please, please, please.
Kelleen: I got down so low that all I could do 1 afternoon was go into the back room and just fall on my face.
Kelleen: I fell literally fell on the floor on my face. And cried out to God
Kelleen: And I said whatever you want me to do I will do.
Kelleen: I was living with this person and I said, I don't have anywhere to go, lord.
Kelleen: If you want me to go, I will pack up my stuff.
Kelleen: I will put my shoes on, and I will leave this person, and I will go and live my life for you.
Kelleen: I want you. I love you. I'm gonna commit my life to you. Beg him to forgive me.
Kelleen: And he said, I want you to leave there.
Kelleen: I went to work the next morning. Told my fellow teacher because I was a teacher.
Kelleen: She said, you can come with me. And I said, Great.
Kelleen: I God provided the place to go.
Kelleen: I stayed with her for a little while and then met him.
Kelleen: I I I just said, you know what?
Kelleen: I've never done anything like this before, but I want a God man, and I'm gonna go on.
Kelleen: And I I I went on a free Christian dating site.
Kelleen: And I put in my profile, I said if I I said I said the only the only reason to reach me or to contact at all.
Kelleen: You have to love God more than me. And if you can do that, we'll talk.
Dan: Kinda like, you know, I can do that.
Kelleen: And and then the rest was history.
Kelleen: We met, um, you know, I've had my ups and downs, but I've never falling away from God
Kelleen: I have stayed in love with him. I've grown.
Kelleen: I've changed so much in the last couple of years, um, and gotten so close to the Lord.
Dan: And and part of the reason for that is because for the first time in your life in your life, you actually read the whole Bible.
Kelleen: Yeah. I'm on my fourth.
Dan: To cover
Kelleen: I'm on my fourth time of bringing it all the way through.
Kelleen: God just totally open my eyes to the truth.
Kelleen: I was raised in churches and in a certain belief system.
Kelleen: And when I read the Bible from cover to cover for myself, I realized I sat down on the couch.
Kelleen: I said, Lord, show me the truth. I don't care.
Kelleen: What you have to do or how you're gonna do it just I want the truth, and he he showed me the truth.
Kelleen: And I never look back. And here we are. Here's our fruit.
Kelleen: We're we're trying to witness for Christ. We're we're talking to people.
Kelleen: I'm married to a man that puts God ahead of me and then everybody and everything else except for service to God
Kelleen: And and here we are.
Kelleen: We're live streaming, and I don't even know if anybody's even listening except for Raja. I don't know.
Kelleen: But I'm just praying that this touches some a
Dan: bunch of views after the fact. So, hopefully, people will watch and
Kelleen: I'll be touched by this. Yeah.
Dan: We are testimonies. Will help someone. Yeah.
Kelleen: I don't know. I probably I probably left out a whole bunch, but I I, you know, things are really, really different now.
Dan: Yeah. The God has changed your life, you know, huge ways.
Dan: So You're next.
Dan: So, uh, you know, my story is a little a little more complex, I guess.
Dan: And one of the things that Paul says in the Bible is the he's the chief sinner.
Dan: And I know that I am. I know that I've got Paul beat on that one thing.
Dan: He's, you know, he he came from a a pharasitical past and was killing Christians in the name of God
Dan: Until Jesus showed him who he was, and then he, of course, believed that Jesus and started preaching Jesus and started preaching the same thing that he was killing people for.
Dan: And I I just I know my past, and a lot of people don't.
Dan: Hey, Johanna.
Kelleen: Hi, Johanna.
Dan: Thanks for joining us. But, um, I I'm I'll start I'll start when I was a kid because, like, Kelleen, I was raised in a church.
Dan: I was we started out at a Baptist church and, uh, when I was in my early teens, we kinda move to a more liberal Protestant church.
Dan: But the thing about my childhood was that Yeah.
Dan: It was supposed to be all about God and we were supposed to be this Christian family.
Dan: And my my stepdad was a deacon of the church and supposed to be this Godly man and and but we didn't the thing that I remember as a child in my childhood is, like, where was God
Dan: In our home. Where was God
Dan: There was there was no evidence of him in our house at all.
Dan: And and it was just, you know, we went to church, and we said that we were Christians, but other than that, where would God seem to be absent.
Dan: And when I was ten, Uh, my little brother died.
Dan: My my mother had married my stepdad, and I was ten years old, and and when my little brother was one and a half.
Dan: He was eighteen months old, and he was, uh, killed in a tragic accident.
Dan: An automobile accident in our driveway, actually, and and it was It was a horrible time for all of us, and it's it's the it's the thing that changed my life.
Dan: Um, we never we never talked about it. We just kind of internalized it all.
Dan: And I I I mean, part of my story is that I I'd actually felt like I shouldn't go to school that day when I was 10, and I faked that I was sick.
Dan: I, uh, stayed home, and then my mom caught me playing with Steven, my little brother, and and said, oh, you're not really sick.
Dan: Are you? And so she had a meeting she had to go to.
Dan: And so she said, made me get ready and took me to school.
Dan: And then when I came back from school that night or that afternoon, Uh, Steven had died, and I, uh, I blamed myself.
Dan: I thought I was supposed to be there to save him.
Dan: And I blamed myself as a ten year old.
Dan: I didn't know any different, and my whole world just changed.
Dan: And, Uh, I I could it would actually it would take hours and hours for me to give you my whole life story, so I'm gonna go kinda fast through it.
Dan: But Yeah. That that incident kinda broke my whole family, and we never talked about it.
Dan: We never worked through it. And we all kind of just internalized it.
Dan: And so all of you know, I had 3 stepsisters and a brother, and Uh, we all, uh, we're all we became pretty messed up people from that.
Dan: Uh, when I was 12, I had my first experience with drugs. Uh, my brother coming home from school.
Dan: Uh, it was acting weird, acting happy, which is strange for our family in And so he introduced me to marijuana, and I I started smoking marijuana at twelve years old.
Dan: And I ran away from home many times. Between 12 and 15.
Dan: And, uh, you know, sometimes for days, uh, sometimes, you know, uh, sleeping under bridges and alleys and things like that.
Dan: And and, uh, because I I didn't really know anything and I hated God I hated myself. I blamed myself.
Dan: And I I had this self loathing and thought, you know, but I was just this horrible person and and I And so I ended up doing drugs, uh, just staying high as much as possible and ran away from home a lot and then ended up leaving for good when I was fifteen.
Dan: And I I went and lived with my brother who had who had been putt in a juvenile prison for stealing cars habitually.
Dan: And, uh, he had gotten out of prison and was living down in Oregon, and my family was in Seattle at the time.
Dan: And so I moved And I well, I ran away from home at 15, and then I stole a, uh, a firebird that was, uh, one of a couple of streets over from my parents' house, and and, uh, drove that down to Oregon where my brother was.
Dan: And that's a and there's a there's a lots of this story that I'm just kinda glossing over, but I ended up, uh, in Oregon with him, uh, had my first experience with LSD or acid, whatever you wanna call it, and started getting into harder drugs, drinking a lot, cocaine, pretty much anything.
Dan: And and then we moved from there.
Dan: We moved up to Portland and lived downtown Portland and Uh, basically, this old brick building downtown Portland that was just full of drug dealers and prostitutes, and we lived there my brother.
Dan: I was I was, uh, fifteen. Uh, going on 16 at the time.
Dan: And, uh, my brother was I guess it was 18 at the time and, uh, 17, 18.
Dan: And then when we lived there for a while, we met, uh, met some people or you know, I I started doing cocaine, started we moved into a house where there was a bunch of guys that just lived there and all we did was party.
Dan: And I just I stayed I mean, I got out of bed in the morning rolled over and took a bong hit and then spent my whole day high and and drinking and doing any drugs that we could get our hands on and and ended up.
Dan: It's a long story. And like I said, I'm skipping a lot of I I ended up in jail, uh, because I I did something really stupid.
Dan: I was trying to follow in my big brother's footsteps and, uh, you know, it was just really dumb.
Dan: Uh, but I ended up going to jail And the the judge of us and it was a 17 at the time.
Dan: So it'd been a year, couple of years.
Dan: Actually, it was about, uh, 2 years, I guess, since since I'd ran away originally.
Dan: And and I ended up in jail and the judge told me since I was almost 18, that I could either be remanded and go to adult court and be tried and as an as an adult or I could go home, uh, until I was eighteen.
Dan: I'm like, well, Uh, that's an easy one. I'm gonna go home. So I went home.
Dan: I went to, uh, this trade school and learned how to how to fix, uh, dented up cars and learn how to weld.
Dan: I I pretty much spent the whole time at this trade school selling pot to the other students and welding.
Dan: And I I learned how to well, a settling world really well.
Dan: The instructor even let me fix his little Carman gea and to cut some metal out of a, you know, quarter panel and weld the new piece in and mold it.
Dan: He let me do it because I was the best welder in class.
Dan: I even did the demonstrations for everybody, but it's because, you know, when I had was stoned, I could just I could just get into that bead.
Dan: So, well, it was I just I spent my whole life stoned.
Dan: And, uh, it was it most of my life, there was there's so many things that I did that were I never considered myself a mean person or I always considered myself a a nice person, you know, and worldly standards, but there's a lot of people that I've left in my past that wouldn't say that.
Dan: Uh, there's there's a lot of things that I did that were really callous.
Dan: And, you know, I was a I hated myself, and I could not, uh, I couldn't believe that anyone ever cared about me or loved me.
Dan: And so I treated everyone that way.
Dan: And I never let anyone get close, and I just I just always I was very callous And I think people saw that as, uh, as like confidence, but really what it was is that I was just I didn't care, and I told myself I didn't care.
Dan: I I was always telling myself I didn't care because if I cared, then I had to feel emotion, and I couldn't do that.
Dan: Um, I carried around my little brother's death for 30 years, until I was forty years old.
Dan: And I I finally, uh, skipping a lot now.
Dan: Uh, actually, let me go back a little bit because it's important to understand just exactly where how how would the depths of satan I went in my life.
Dan: But, uh, you know, he he's happy when we're depressed and and don't feel loved that that's where he has us at his place where he loves us to be.
Dan: And it and and I stayed high and I, you know, I I spent I've made a lot of friends, did a lot of party and and ended up I sold marijuana for years years because it was a little staple income, and I could get my own weed for free.
Dan: Right? So I sold it, and I smoked it all day long.
Dan: And then I got to the point where I had I wanted some more money.
Dan: I didn't really make a lot of money, and I wanted enough money to buy a car.
Dan: So I I knew that if I sold cocaine, I could make more money than selling weed.
Dan: So I started selling cocaine, and it didn't take long for me to make the money for my car.
Dan: And I started I was I was a user before that.
Dan: I used Coke as much as I could and and did pretty much any drug and But I started selling it, and then I started using every day.
Dan: And I I got I got to a place in the cocaine business where I was actually selling pounds to other dealers.
Dan: And, uh, you know, I can really, you know, pretty high level transactions with other dealers and I didn't sell the users anymore.
Dan: I only sold the dealers, but I was uh-uh smoking it, which is, uh, most people know it as crack cocaine today, but it was this was before crack was thing.
Dan: It was, like, cooked my own coke, and I I free based it, and I smoked it myself.
Dan: And I and I was, uh, I was at about 150 pounds.
Dan: And my my normal sleeping habits were to stay up for 4 or 5 days.
Dan: And then sleep for an entire day, like, 20 hours, 24 hours.
Dan: And and then start over, and I ate maybe once a day.
Dan: I was and this was in the eighties when Reagan brought the feds into the uh, the the war on drugs, and it started getting a little more difficult to sell.
Dan: And and actually, my it ended up where I had an some partners and we had runners and we had people in our business and everybody got busted, uh, except for me because I had a I didn't even have a place that I lived. I had a rule that I only stayed in a hotel room for 2 days max, and then I moved and and nobody ever knew where I was.
Dan: They had to page me and then I would call them.
Dan: And I stayed on the move constantly, and that's the only reason. That I never got busted.
Dan: And everybody like I said, everybody went down, and I I ended up in a in a really bad place where I was so addicted to coke that and if you've never been addicted to anything, It's important to understand this that that an addict when you're really addicted.
Dan: The only thing that scares you I mean, literally, I was I was scared of absolutely nothing, except not being able to take another hit the thought of not doing any more coke is the thing that terrorized me.
Dan: It was that if if I even imagine not or you know, not having any more coke was just this feeling of dread and terror would well up in me.
Dan: And it got to where, you know, everybody went down and I was still trying to sell, but it, you know, it was hard and I sometimes was out and it's and it became became a situation where I was so used to having a drug every day all day.
Dan: I never I was never out of coke for couple years, couple 3 years, solid.
Dan: I was smoking coke all day every day.
Dan: And and I I found myself in a place where I knew I was either gonna die or I was gonna end up in jail.
Dan: One or the other. Or, you know, the 3rd option was I had to get away.
Dan: I had to quit. I had to do something, and so I, uh, I married the the girl that was with me at the time and went to Reno got married in the Reno wedding chapel, and I and I took a bunch of coke with me and said, I'm gonna get far enough away so that when I run out of coke and I can't get anymore.
Dan: And that was how I forced myself to quit.
Dan: I knew that if I stayed in Seattle because there was no way I was gonna be able to quit.
Dan: I'd already tried that a couple of times and, you know, there was no it was just impossible.
Dan: So I knew I had to get away, and so that's what I did is I when I was when I was 18, I had gone to Boise, Idaho, where my brother was.
Dan: I kinda followed him around in my early years.
Dan: Whenever he got out of jail, I would go and follow him.
Dan: And he was in Idaho when I was eighteen, and, uh, he had actually He'd actually, uh, escaped from a, uh, a minimum security prison where it they don't really have you behind bars and a minimum security.
Dan: And he was in prison for stealing cars, and he actually stole a car from the prison and escaped, and he was living in Idaho under an assumed name.
Dan: And I when I got out of the trade school, I went there, uh, for a while, and and, uh, he was he was having a hard time because he only had a year left to serve.
Dan: Long story short, we ended up getting drunk one night, and I convinced him to just turn himself in because go back, turn yourself in, finish your year.
Dan: Otherwise, the rest of your life is gonna suck. Right?
Dan: And so he did, and he thanks me to this day for talking him into that, but but that's what happened then.
Dan: And then so so what I ended up quitting coke. I knew about Idaho.
Dan: This quaint little town of Boise when I was there at 18, I had about forty thousand people and And so I moved there and took a couple of weeks to wander our way there uh, and then ran out of drugs and went there and got a little place.
Dan: And I worked I was used to carrying around $5 to 10 grand in cash in my pockets all the time.
Dan: And and here, I found myself uh, feinding for cocaine, making $3.85 an hour.
Dan: And I know, but but it worked. I I I was able to quit.
Dan: And so a couple of months in, my wife had found a a waitress that she could get some coke from Had a big fight.
Dan: And another long story short, I ended up staying married to her for 4 years.
Dan: Um, fighting the cocaine addiction battle the whole time. And, uh, finally divorced her.
Dan: But, uh, you know, that was and that was kind of the beginning of of my You know, I've I've made so many stupid decisions in my life and and I never had God
Dan: I was I figured God was was an invention.
Dan: You know, I I had decided that God didn't exist.
Kelleen: Hi. Esa.
Dan: Okay. Um, but I I decided when I was a child, that I hated God because he let my little brother die.
Dan: And then I hated myself because I was supposed to be there to save him.
Dan: And then as I got older, I decided that God didn't even exist.
Dan: And I I I was a typical atheist.
Dan: I I figured that God was invented by some genius years ago as a means to control people.
Dan: And it was just and that's all God was. He wasn't real.
Dan: It was just a figment of people's imaginations and then and it was a useful tool that was created.
Dan: And And I, you know, I tried to make evolution fit in my mind.
Dan: I imagined aliens and all kinds of stuff, and, uh, pretty typical.
Dan: I got to I got to a point where I I divorced my first wife, and then I married again.
Dan: I had 2 children and ended up divorcing again.
Dan: And then I was a single dad for about 5 years and just took my kids to school.
Dan: And and I had them half the time.
Dan: And tried to raise them the best I could and ended up getting lonely and stupid again.
Dan: And and so And and the reason I say stupid is because I didn't I didn't look for a I I I hoped for a good woman.
Dan: Right? I wanted someone to love me, even though I didn't think I could be loved.
Dan: And but I was always looking for it. I was always searching for something that was missing.
Dan: And and so I ended up marrying again, and and this is my 3rd marriage.
Dan: And I discovered a year after the marriage that the real the only reason that she had married me.
Dan: It was for my insurance because I had a good job.
Dan: I had really good medical insurance, and she was a she was a a pain medication addict.
Dan: She was she had, uh, pain doctors.
Dan: Uh, when I first met her, she was supposed to have gotten off them.
Dan: And I even helped her to get surgery to take care of the problem and and then but then shortly after the wedding, she started having symptoms again, which which really was just all made up.
Dan: Uh, I can tell you now looking back that it was all made up.
Dan: I didn't know at the time necessarily, but I but I do know now, and it was just for my insurance, and she was she was on, uh, no, I can't even remember the name.
Dan: Social Security. Oh, she was on Social Security. Yeah. Disability. Oh, disability.
Dan: And and used my insurance to, uh, to go to these pain doctors and get all these drugs.
Dan: And and so, at year in, I figured out that this is what was happening and And I I could tell that she didn't love me.
Dan: She didn't she kinda hated my kids, and she was being cruel to them.
Dan: Behind my back with without me even knowing that.
Kelleen: Hey, Thomas. I'm glad you made it.
Dan: Hey, Thomas.
Kelleen: Uh Better late than never.
Dan: Yeah. We're just, uh, Kelly gave her testimony, and I'm giving mine now, uh, the the short version of it.
Dan: But I ended up I ended up in my 3rd marriage, and I knew it was over.
Dan: And and I've only been married for a year, And I knew that this woman had just used me and, uh, she had convinced me I felt really stupid, of course, because I had believed something different.
Dan: I had believed her lies and that that she really, you know, loved me for some reason.
Dan: Uh, but it was it was just about the drugs and about her maintaining her habits.
Dan: And and so I found myself at the lowest point in my life.
Dan: This was I'd never ever wanted to be like my father.
Dan: My father had cheated on my mom and my mom divorced him.
Dan: And I never really knew my dad, and I didn't want to be like that.
Dan: I wanted to be I wanted to have a family and and raise my children in a, you know, little picket fence, you know, scenario that and but it never worked.
Dan: And and I never understood why it didn't work.
Dan: I mean, I was trying and, you know, you know, I kept I I made stupid decisions.
Dan: I did dumb things. I just and I was always I was always battling with that self loathing.
Dan: It was that you know, I I was a horrible person because I'd let my little brother die even though, you know, I was only ten years old.
Dan: There was no way I could have been expected to say been, you know, stay home from school and save him, you know, but but I didn't I didn't realize that at 10 and even as an adult, I still carried that same and self loathing with me and that, you know, uh, feeling of being unworthy and unlovable and And so, like, I was always looking for it, but I was always, you know, uh, I was told once that I got a bad picker you know, I picked the wrong women.
Dan: And this time. Well, not this time, but but then, you know, it was just, uh, I don't know.
Dan: It just it I I made bad decisions and I ignored red flags and and So here I was a year into my 3rd marriage, and I'd never wanted to be divorced ever.
Dan: I wanted to stay married. And here I was being getting divorced the 3rd time, and it it was the lowest point of my life.
Dan: I I felt like, it was impossible that I just couldn't do it.
Dan: There was a it was a failure. And I was out of my garage smoking a cigarette.
Dan: And and I finally just I reached that point where I just fell to my knees before God and just looked up and said, I know that you are.
Dan: And I acknowledge you. And and I'm so sorry, and I just fell to my knees and I just wept and I just acknowledged God finally.
Dan: Acknowledged that I've always known, even when I was an atheist, claiming that God didn't exist, you know, what what it says in Romans, one is that every thing made by God knows of God
Dan: Everything made by God knows of him, and there's no excuse.
Dan: And I'm a perfect example of that because even as an atheist, I always knew there was that little tiny part of me that knew even though I denied it, emphatically, and I just I I wouldn't it wouldn't acknowledge that God existed.
Dan: I knew. And I finally, at that point in my life, I'm I'm grateful for God bringing me there because that was that point in my life where I finally just gave up trying to do it on my own.
Dan: And trying to trying to find love outside of God which is impossible, really.
Dan: There because God is love And without God there is no love.
Dan: And there's, you know, he made us in his image, but in order to find true love to really understand what love is, and experience love, we have to be in God's love, and we have to love our spouse with a Godly love.
Dan: And that's the only that's the only way to really experience love the way it's intended and merits the way it's intended is the way God set it up.
Dan: But I but I had reached that point, and so I finally just gave my life to God
Dan: And, uh, another long story short, uh, I just I didn't know much about church or Christianity or God or anything at that point.
Dan: I just knew that God was. I knew that he is. Right? And I and I just acknowledged that.
Dan: I said, okay. Uh, I gotta start doing things different. You know, my life changed.
Dan: I was I was literally transformed in that moment. To a new man and which is what God says.
Dan: That's his promise. He says, you know, when we repent and turn to him, that that we become a new man.
Dan: We become a new person, and he transforms us. And and he certainly did with me.
Dan: He he transformed me completely on that that day.
Dan: And I changed and I started so I started going back to church because I remember it as a child, going to these churches and and I started reading the Bible.
Dan: I started going to Bible Studies. I went to every service.
Dan: Every time the door was open and then it started I started noticing that there were things in the church that they taught that didn't jive with what I was reading in the Bible.
Dan: And I'm like, So I would bring these things up at Bible Studies and I remember people getting mad at me for questioning and saying, well, wait a minute.
Dan: This says this here. Why are you teaching this? You know? And and all the chains. Yeah.
Dan: There there was a guy. I remember a guy that had He had like this.
Dan: He liked an eighties shirt, a buttoned up shirt where, you know, in the eighties, you had that button down to your belly button pretty much, and he did.
Dan: He had his purple and button with the gold chains and he was sitting there and he got all mad at me for bringing up, you know, the that we should we should want to stop sinning, that we should want to be obedient to the lord.
Dan: You know, shouldn't doesn't that what it says in the Bible that we should, you know, kinda wanna please him.
Dan: Shouldn't we should love him. Right? If we love him, then we won't.
Kelleen: That's fine. They don't read the Bible.
Dan: Well, then they're and it and the thing that he was so angry about was that he was he was sold on this doctrine of no works.
Dan: In fact, if you try to do any works at all that you're you're trying to buy your salvation, then And so you shouldn't do any works.
Dan: You shouldn't try to not sin. You shouldn't even repent because repenting is a work.
Dan: You know, that's what they That's what they teach, even though the Bible specifically says that we should repent and cease from sin and turn to the lord and and start walking with him.
Dan: Right? And and I we begin our journey to holiness when we turn to the lord and we start following him that begins our journey to to being like God
Dan: He says be holy for I am holy. Yeah.
Dan: And so that begins our journey when we when we start walking with him and it's and but and it it when you read the whole Bible from cover to cover, it's very, very plain.
Dan: It's very easy to understand. It's very clear.
Dan: And all of these doctrines and churches I've I've discovered that, like, I was I was thinking, one way, I need to get baptized because of reading about baptism, reading and it's, you know, are it's being buried with Christ in the likeness of his death burial and resurrection and and, you know, we're we're commanded to be baptized.
Dan: And and the the church I was going to didn't even have a baptismal.
Dan: And the pastor was like, well, you you can get baptized guys at some other church if you want to, but it doesn't really matter.
Kelleen: They didn't have a baptism.
Dan: And this and this was the 1st pastor that I experienced this the same thing.
Dan: And and I experienced it over and over and over and over.
Dan: This was the first time I went and visited and made an appointment with him and went to his office at the church and and talked to him about what I was reading in the Bible to get because he was the pastor.
Dan: Right? He should know this stuff, and I should be able to, you know, get some knowledge from him and understanding.
Dan: And what he told me was that baptism does not matter. Just nothing, and that Paul wasn't even baptized.
Dan: So why should we be baptized?
Dan: And He gave me some documents and pretty much shoved me out of his door.
Dan: And then I went home that night, and I was reading about how Paul was baptized.
Dan: I was like, hold on a minute here.
Dan: And so that was the first time I learned not to trust these creatures.
Dan: That are there mostly for their own glory, mostly for filthy lucre or the love of money.
Dan: Uh, it's a business to them. I'm not saying there isn't any pastor out there that doesn't love God
Dan: I'm just saying I haven't found it yet. And and that began my journey.
Dan: I started going from church to church to church to church and literally making appointments with the pastors going into their offices, talking to them about their doctrines, what they believed, and and, you know, where in the word that those where does the word say all these things that you believe.
Dan: And I found that you can line You can take 40 pastors that have been studying the word for 40 years and preaching in a church for 40 years and line them all up in a row.
Dan: And all fourty of 'em.
Kelleen: I don't I don't know how to pronounce that. Glad you're here.
Dan: Abby, yeah. Thanks for joining me.
Dan: Uh, but I found that you can you can line all forty of those pastors up that swear up and down.
Dan: They know the Bible and and they have been studying the word for 40 years. Right?
Dan: But they all teach a different doctrine.
Dan: And it's but hold on a minute that it's only one truth The Bible is just one truth that doesn't it's not subject to interpretation.
Dan: It's not subject to anything other than just reading it and believing it.
Kelleen: I've heard so many people say before that there's so many different like, everybody interprets the Bible the way they choose to.
Dan: Yeah. That's a that's a great excuse for just believing and twisting the Bible and do what you want it to be.
Dan: Right? Since. I mean, if you if you take the time and you really do it, it if you love God you need to take the time to read the Bible from cover to cover.
Dan: You need to read the whole thing.
Kelleen: But that means a concept. Uh, he's what's the word I'm gonna say?
Kelleen: He's a God of confusion. If there's so many different interpretations
Dan: If that were true. That would be. Yeah.
Dan: Because then any truth could be true just depending on your interpretation of it. Right?
Dan: But that's not the truth and there's only one truth. And God gave us that truth in his word.
Dan: He preserved it for us all these years so that we could have it today.
Dan: So that we could know him.
Dan: And the way to know him is just exactly what the scriptures say themselves is that all scriptures is given by inspiration of God is profitable for doctrine, for proof, for correction, and for instruction, and righteousness.
Dan: Yeah. And and that's right. Exactly. There is no private interpretations. Thank you.
Kelleen: Yes. And that's At first.
Dan: That's you've got to read the Bible.
Dan: You can't go to some church, and I'm telling you right now that Like I said, I don't know every pastor out there, but I know every single pastor I've ever met is teaching lies.
Dan: And a lot of them, I've heard people say, well, you know, Jesus doesn't care about a little false doctrine a little bit wrong here, a little bit wrong there.
Dan: Um, well, hold on a minute. Go read Revelation chapters 2 and 3.
Dan: And read the letters to the churches.
Dan: Now remember, these are churches that existed in Asia at that time 2000 years ago.
Dan: And Jesus wrote a letter to 7 of them, specifically by name.
Kelleen: Yep. Right there.
Dan: He's not the author of confusion. Exactly.
Dan: And and but go and read revelations 2 and 3 and read those letters to the 7 churches and see what God thinks about false doctrine.
Dan: See what he says about the doctrine of balam.
Dan: See what he thinks about Jezebel, but see what he thinks about not finding your works perfect.
Dan: Now does Jesus want our works to be perfect Oh, yeah. Yeah. You said so.
Dan: You know, and perfect is not doing everything perfectly. Perfect is love and God
Dan: Perfect is striving and walking with him and walking on that journey to holiness.
Dan: That you know, God knows that to him, we're like babes. We're like children. I'm a sixty year old man.
Dan: Yourselves a little boy. To God I'm like my daughter when she was 2. Right?
Dan: She was she was walking and talking, and she was smart. And and but, man, she knew nothing.
Dan: Right? If you've never had kids, you you know what? Two years old. They don't know anything.
Dan: Uh, but they're really starting their wheels are turning.
Dan: Their brains are going and man, they're smart and but but we're just like that to God
Dan: Even, you know, even at sixty years old, I'm just like that to God
Dan: I'm a little child to him, and I understand that.
Dan: And the way to under the way to know everything is to read the Bible.
Dan: And and that's what, you know, Kelleen's testimony is she, you know, in the last few years, she's read the Bible three times all the
Kelleen: way through. Almost done with the full. I'll finish it next week.
Dan: And she'll tell you that after doing that
Kelleen: I'm still learning.
Dan: Does she understand God so much more than she ever did. Ever her whole life had gone to church.
Dan: She never understood God
Kelleen: That's because she ran his church. I don't listen to somebody.
Kelleen: Tell me what the Bible says and read it for myself.
Dan: Well, now you do. Yeah. She used to.
Dan: And she believed all kinds of I mean, the false doctrines that they teach in church today.
Dan: She believed all those things. And in fact, you know, you might the the end the end of my story is that I ended up getting divorced again, and And then I just said, okay.
Dan: I'm done.
Kelleen: Hi, Dominic.
Dan: Hey, Dominic. Thanks for joining us.
Dan: But, um, but to finish my testimony, I I ended up um, I ended up finding God from that that low that point in my life where it was the lowest I ever was.
Dan: And and I ended up I didn't think I was supposed to get divorced, so I ended up staying married.
Dan: Even though I was when I found God I was going to divorce her, and that's what brought me to my knees before God was that that low point in my life.
Dan: And so I stayed, but then I realized after reading the Bible myself and studying scriptures is that God doesn't God doesn't demand that we stay married to someone that doesn't love him, uh, especially someone that's abusive.
Dan: Or cruel to you or cruel to your children and, uh, just a a downright nasty person.
Dan: God doesn't say, no. You gotta stay with it. You know, uh, no.
Dan: Uh, what he does say and what everybody loves to quote is Jesus saying, you know, if, uh, if you marry you divorce other than for the cause of infidelity that you and then you marry another, you end up committing adultery.
Dan: Right?
Kelleen: But Yeah.
Dan: But everybody misses that the point of that is that Jesus said that if if you divorce other than the cause of infidelity, right, then you're condemning yourself, basically, if you marry again, but But if there's infidelity in the marriage, then you have every right to divorce them and remarry if you want to.
Dan: That's what he was saying. And even Paul, uh, tells us that it's if you're married to someone that doesn't love the lord, like, from like, in my case, for example, I I I became a Christian when I was married to someone else that was not a Christian.
Dan: And it it's kind of a a long, funny story where when I became a Christian, all of a sudden she was a Christian, And but it was fake, and she wasn't.
Dan: She wasn't a Christian. Before that, she wasn't a Christian after I became a Christian.
Dan: It She did not love God and that's the whole point is, you know, if we're gonna say we're a Christian, we have to love God
Dan: Love Him with all our heart, all our soul, our all our mind, and all our strength.
Dan: And that's that is the the root, the the foundation of Christianity is loving God
Dan: We have to love him. And and that's the first law. Right?
Dan: A lot of the false teaching in the church today is that we have to love our neighbors.
Dan: We have to love other people.
Dan: But they get that wrong because they don't follow the first law.
Dan: They follow the second law and you can't get the 2nd law right until you get the first one down.
Dan: If you love God and you then love other people as God loves you're gonna warn them.
Dan: You're going to love them as God loves them, but you're not going to make excuses for them and accept them in their sin.
Dan: You're going to warn them about the sin and how they'll die in their sin if they don't repent.
Dan: I mean, that's what Jesus did.
Dan: That's how Jesus loved He told people the truth, and that's how we should love.
Dan: We should love God and love them enough to care more about their soul than how they feel about us and the moment.
Dan: Right? If if we care about hurting their feelings and making them think you know, that we don't like them or making them not like us, then what are we doing?
Dan: Right? We we care about their soul we're gonna tell them and we're gonna take the risk of hurting their feelings and making them hate us.
Dan: Right? Just like people hate Jesus. Jesus said, if they hate you, they hate me.
Kelleen: Yeah.
Dan: And and that's him first. Right. And and that's that's it.
Dan: But it's loving God is the whole thing, and I knew that my life then did not love God
Dan: And so I divorced her and I said, actually, I didn't divorce her.
Dan: I left. I gave her my house. I gave her a car.
Dan: I said, you know, I I I know what's going on. I just confronted her.
Dan: You know, I know this is all about your drugs.
Dan: I know that that's what's the the whole marriage has been about.
Dan: And and I'm leaving, and I'm going to, you know, here's my house, here's a car.
Dan: Please sell the house.
Kelleen: You too. Take the
Dan: profits and take the profits and and, you know, do whatever it is that you wanna do.
Dan: And she ended up finding another guy and dating him and and divorced me.
Dan: So she filed for divorce and left, and so I am free. From that woman.
Dan: And so I decided I'm just done. Right? I'm just I am not gonna get married again.
Dan: I'm just I'm sick of all of that. I'm just gonna serve God Right?
Dan: And so This try.
Dan: I I went and I and I was serving God and I was I was reading his word, and I I was the only time my TV was ever on was if I was watching it, uh, uh, documentary or, uh, uh, some kind of a Bible teaching DVD or something like that.
Dan: And and, uh, I just read the word all the time when I and I just served God the best I could and and I went and visited Jerusalem.
Dan: I went and visited Israel and just it was it was amazing. It was in 2007.
Dan: And But then, you know, like well, I'll try some Christian dating sites. Right?
Dan: So, like, I I tried, uh, a few of them Christian Mingle and some other ones, and then it was like, these women that are on these Christian sites are just as worldly as all the women on these other non Christian sites.
Dan: They're There was no difference, and I was I didn't want any of that.
Dan: I wanted a woman that loved God I wanted a woman to serve God with me. You know?
Dan: And so I canceled all those. I said, uh, forget it. Right?
Dan: But there was one, uh, one dating site that was free.
Dan: Called Christian Dating for free, and I didn't cancel because I'd never even met anybody from the site because nobody was in my area.
Dan: It was a smaller site. It was free, so I just never canceled the account.
Dan: And then, uh, just one day, all of a sudden, I got this email. Hey.
Dan: You got a wink. So I was just checking out.
Kelleen: I was too scared to send you a message. All I could do is send
Dan: it out.
Kelleen: Oh, I'm just gonna send him a
Dan: wink. Yeah. And so if you didn't even have a picture,
Kelleen: I didn't even picture.
Dan: But it was funny because when I read her profile, I fell in love with her personality right off the bat.
Dan: And I loved and I loved what she said because she said, I want a man that loves God more than me.
Dan: You said if you if you can't love God more than me, you can't have me.
Kelleen: I don't want no man.
Dan: And I said, that's me. I love God and and God goes above everybody.
Kelleen: This is us.
Dan: Yeah. And so Uh, I ended up messaging her back and, you know, here we are.
Dan: It's almost 14 years later now. Yeah. In March. Yeah. And, uh,
Kelleen: March 18.
Dan: This is the love of my life. This is the woman that I always wanted.
Kelleen: Because I love God because I love God more than you. Yeah.
Dan: And but the thing is we put God above everything, but then we're next in line.
Dan: We're still we're We don't put anybody else over us either. It's God and then us.
Dan: And that's and then But we're still a marriage. And we
Kelleen: and we still have our our humanness, and we're learning, and we're growing. Of course. Yes.
Kelleen: And We're human beings. On a journey.
Dan: Yeah. And to say it was all Rosie from the beginning would be a lie because that as her testimony told you, she believed a lot of the stuff that she was taught when she was a kid.
Dan: And her daddy was a baptist preacher man, and she knew all that stuff. And I remember
Kelleen: Never read the Bible for myself. Never heard the Bible.
Dan: And now that she's read the Bible, she understands those truth.
Dan: But and she understands what the lies were that she believed.
Dan: But I remember I remember in in the living room of our house, my wife and my mother and my stepdad all ganging up on me.
Dan: Trying to beat me over the head with this false doctrine trying to get me to change my mind.
Kelleen: I was laying on the couch, and I'm like, Uh-huh. That's what my mom telling.
Dan: As they're all hammered away at me.
Dan: And I just, you know, I love God more than anything, and I love his truth.
Dan: And that's that's the thing that we it's where we all need to be.
Dan: We need to love God truth.
Dan: God says this, if you're not giving a love for his truth, that he will send a strong delusion that you'll believe the lying wonders of Satan in the last days.
Dan: That would be a horrible place to be for God to send that strong delusion so you would believe Satan's lies we need to love the truth.
Dan: We need to love God more than anything. I mean, what's not to love? Right? Who is God
Dan: God is the creator of all things. He's a Spirit. Creator. He's not part of the universe.
Dan: He's outside of it. He created the universe.
Dan: He became part of it by being born into it as a man in Jesus Christ.
Dan: And then being born into this world as a man in Jesus Christ, he went and sacrificed himself for us.
Dan: Oh, what? A loving God Can you imagine a a more loving God than that?
Dan: And he's waiting. He's putting up with all this misery and this wickedness and the and the selfish awful horrible people, that live in this world.
Dan: These I can't say certain words on YouTube and Facebook, and I'm streaming to multiple places here, but you know, I can't talk about the the what's going on in the world, but if you understand anything, you understand that there's a very coordinated effort going on in multiple countries around the world and that they're they're trying their hardest to destroy us and control us.
Dan: And that's that is that's all I can say. I might have just said too much. I don't know.
Dan: But they're, uh, if you wanna know
Kelleen: No.
Dan: If you wanna know what I'm talking about and and I've done a lot of study.
Dan: I'm just gonna I'm gonna show you something here real quick so that you can look on your end.
Dan: You can always ask me, and I would be happy.
Dan: We do zoom bible studies all the time, but I'm gonna share, uh, my screen here real quick, and I'm gonna show you My website oh.
Dan: This is share. Share. There we go. Uh, I'm gonna show you my website here.
Dan: Okay. Here we go.
Dan: And I'm gonna show you a page that you can go to.
Dan: It's called who is they, and you can find it in my newsletters archive.
Dan: So on my website, bible, you can go to my notes menu.
Dan: And go down to the newsletters archive. And you can find it several places.
Dan: Right on the home page, you can scroll down to here, and it's the newsletter's archive.
Dan: So it's right on the homepage, or it's on the resources page too.
Dan: I mean, there's many places where you can find the newsletter's archive.
Dan: You can even do a search for archive, and you'll find the newsletter's archive.
Dan: But if you go there, Then go to this page called who is they.
Dan: And and you can even just search on my site for who is they, and you will find this.
Dan: And and this article will talk about this coordinated effort. Right?
Dan: Who are all these people, lives, and all why do we have all of this, you know, going on?
Dan: Why is there such as coordinated effort going on in the world that, you know, is it the elites, the Illuminati, the freemasons, you know, everybody's heard those words.
Dan: Right? Well, it's it's it's I'll tell you what it is in a nutshell.
Dan: This this these two sentences right here. Right?
Dan: Satan is not some dumb, little, evil spirit flitting around, lying, and whispering.
Dan: He is a very powerful fallen angel and has infiltrated our societies and taken control of our government and has almost complete control of this world.
Dan: And so, you know, go go to my website and and look at this article. Who is they?
Dan: And then follow the links at the bottom to, uh, read that and follow this link and follow and this is a 5 hour video that's worth a watch.
Dan: It's At least.
Kelleen: Very good.
Dan: And follow these links because it'll give you some more information about what's going on right now.
Kelleen: Yep.
Dan: And who's involved and what's what it's all about. So so I invite you to do that.
Dan: I can't talk about it on YouTube. Over Facebook and I'm
Kelleen: Rumble, but we're Rumble. We're on That's
Dan: the only place I'm multi streaming right now to rumble and YouTube and Facebook.
Dan: So Uh, but I would be happy to talk to anybody about that, uh, just message me. Right?
Dan: Just send me a message or or go to my website, contact me through the contact link there, send me an email at prophecyandtruth at email or
Dan: Um, just send me an email. I'd be happy to talk to you and and
Kelleen: Oh, we have zoom Bible studies.
Dan: And we do zoom Bible studies, like I said.
Dan: But but that's what's going on in the world right now.
Dan: And And, uh, and now I completely forgot what I was talking about in the first place.
Dan: But that's my that's my testimony. Right?
Dan: That's that's where she came from, and that's where I came from.
Dan: And I, you know, I I glossed over a lot of my testimony.
Dan: I skipped a whole lot of stuff that you don't know about, but but I really, you know, God God can God can change anyone's life.
Dan: And and it's not just, like, changing your life. It's giving you hope Right?
Dan: Because that's what's that's the scary thing. Right?
Dan: What's what's so scary is that if you don't know what's coming, if you don't know what's around the corner, if the the unknown is the most scary thing.
Dan: Right? When we read the Bible and we understand what God has done, what he's done for us, and we fall in love with him for what he's done.
Dan: He's And and that's where I was. I I forgot. I was actually talking about how God is so patient.
Dan: He hates evil but this world is full of this massive amount of evil going on, and God is being patient.
Dan: Why? God why is God allowing all of this? God doesn't cause the evil that's going on.
Dan: The evil is going on in the world because this is what the world turns into with with that with people don't love God without God being present.
Dan: He did it on purpose. He set it up in this world.
Dan: It's like a matrix Like, right, this, like, this environment where all we can see is what our 5 senses give us.
Dan: Right? And it's and God set it up this way because he wants to find those who really love him.
Dan: And it shows exactly what happens when people live their lives and and men control themselves and govern themselves without God
Dan: This is what it ends up being.
Dan: And and we're gonna see shortly how much worse it's gonna get because God told us exact what's gonna happen.
Dan: And the things that they're trying to do now are things that God said would happen when the antichrist comes into power.
Dan: And in the last video, I showed how the antichrist is a man, and I showed you scriptures that showed all of that to prove that the antichrist is a man.
Dan: He's not a system. He's not Satan.
Dan: He is a man, a separate being, that Satan is going to work through, um, to take control of the world.
Dan: And it's and it's coming about now, and it's the same system that they're trying to implement now that's going to be used by this man when he takes over.
Dan: But But my point is that God you know, it's hard when you really understand who God is, how can we not love him for everything that he's done for us, for the patience, he the Bible tells us that God can't even look upon wickedness, but he's allowing all these wicked and evil men to continue for us.
Dan: He's doing that cringing, grieving over the wickedness of the world so that he can save us out of the midst of it all.
Dan: That's how much he loves us. And that's just amazing. Yeah. And he told us everything.
Dan: It's like I was saying, if you don't know, that's the scary thing, but he told us everything.
Dan: And if, you know, if you go to my website, you'll see all the stuff that I've discovered studying the word of God and and everything that he's told us, and there's a lot of things that are speculative.
Dan: Right? There's certain things about prophecy that we can't know.
Dan: Until they happen, but there's a lot of things about prophecy that we know for certain.
Dan: We know what it's going to be. We know what's going to happen.
Dan: We know that certain situations are going to arise, and certain things are gonna come about in in the process of time.
Dan: And And so we know we can just watch and and wait for those things to happen.
Dan: And, realistically, we're we're watching them now. Watching all of these things happen right now.
Kelleen: Mhmm.
Dan: And so, you know, that's Man, it's I'm so grateful to God
Dan: You know, in my in my past, when I was a drug dealer and when I was living that worldly life, I should have died.
Dan: There's several times that I should have died, and I believe that God preserved me thanks to his infinite mercy that because he knew I would come to him, and I'm so grateful that I can never ever repay him for his kindness and mercy toward me, you know, and and he's given me a woman that loves God and loves me.
Dan: And if for the first time in my life, I'm I'm loved, and it's so wonderful.
Dan: It's it's the most awesome thing in the world is is to have a woman that loves me.
Dan: Yes.
Kelleen: Uh. Most of the time.
Dan: Yeah. most of the time, haha. But so that's that's our testimonies.
Dan: And, you know, it it's kind of the short version of both testimonies, but um, we wanted to share a little bit about ourselves so that you would know who were you talking to.
Dan: Right? Who is this guy that wrote this website and Yeah. This book and and that's who we are.
Dan: And I wanna I wanna turn it over. It's around about an hour 15 minutes.
Dan: So, um, I don't know how long you wanna sit in front of your computers, but but we'd have some time if you wanna ask questions.
Dan: Um, that's what we're gonna be doing in our live streams is we're just gonna be talking about prophecy.
Dan: We're gonna be talking about what's going on in the world.
Dan: And I and I may, if I end up, um, if I end up having too much trouble with YouTube and uh, Facebook, you know, I may just go strictly with rumble because then I can talk about whatever I want to.
Dan: Right? And they don't have to worry about what words I say, uh, that will get me banned from their platforms.
Dan: Right? So but but another thing is we do Zoom bible studies all the time.
Dan: So if you wanna have a one on 1 or even just join our bible studies, just let me know and and that's what I do.
Dan: Right? I the the thing that I wanna do more in this world than anything is help other people to understand God and understand his word like I do.
Dan: That's my whole purpose. It's just to help you understand.
Dan: And it's not it's not for you to believe me.
Dan: It's for me to show you in the scriptures so you can read it yourself and understand it and believe it.
Dan: So that's what it's all about. And, uh, you know, we we love you.
Dan: You know, you our God people. You Mhmm. Everybody here that's online right now with us.
Dan: We love you, and we want you to be a heaven with We want you to go and enjoy eternity with God
Dan: And it's, you know, but think about the promises of God Right? No more pain. No more sorrow.
Dan: He's gonna wipe our tears away. There's gonna be no more death.
Dan: I mean, we're if you think about this fantasy utopia, right, where it's just nothing but bliss and happiness and joy, Oh, that's what he said.
Dan: It's going to be like.
Kelleen: Yeah.
Dan: When we go into eternity with him, it's gonna be nothing but joy and and happiness and stuff. Wow.
Dan: I can't even imagine that, but I want it. And I'm glad. Right?
Dan: I want y'all to go with us.

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We love you and really do want everyone to go with us!