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Hello brothers and sisters! So much happening in the world right now! And I'm making videos like crazy!

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I absolutely believe that this is the run-up to fulfillment of Biblical prophecy! We're in the last days of the last days!

I'd like to invite everyone to my video channels. I know I haven't been very active in sending Newsletters, but it's not because nothing is happening, it's just because I'm focusing more on the livestreams and now I'm making short videos and putting them out much faster to try to reach more and more people in these last days!

I have two main video channels I'm working in:

  1.   YouTube - (

  2.   Rumble - (

I'm creating "shorts" for YouTube and working on putting out several 5-10 minute shorter videos every week, as well as doing two livestreams each week.

Please join us for the livestreams! We're live on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights at 6:30pm EST (Eastern USA Time). I hope to see some of you there!

If you can't make those times, you can always watch later when it's convenient for you. Just click the "live" tab on my YouTube channel or just scroll the list on Rumble.

And take a look at the short videos and help us to reach more people by sharing the videos with your friends and family! The only way we can reach more people is for you to share and link on social media everywhere! Help us serve God!

I will continue sending newsletters as well, but I just wanted to let you know where my ministry is at and why you haven't seen many newsletters of late.

I would do more but I have a full time job and use some of that income to advertise and promote the work I do for the Kingdom of God. One day God will provide the means for me to quit my job and work for Him full time. Until then I can only do so much.

Watch and share! Help us do God's work by linking our video channels everywhere you can!

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