Subtle Conditioning from Satan

new Dune movie

The devil uses videos, tv, movies, books, etc., to condition us.

It's getting obvious, now, where things are heading and we can see how he's using movies to condition us and make us sympathetic to his army of murderers that will soon rule the world.

When I was 18 years old I read the book, "Dune", and fell in love with Sci-Fi. As the years went by I read it a few times and got the rest of the series, and read many other Sci-Fi novels.

new Dune movie

What I didn't know then, that I know now, is what's really going on in the world. The darkness that is pervading across all peoples.

new Dune movie

If you don't know anything about this book, just know that Frank Herbert used Arab Muslims living in the deserts of the Middle East to create his Fremen peoples on the planet Dune. It's a book about galactic empire and imperialist rule.

His Fremen are the oppressed and hunted peoples because the planet they live on, Dune, has the "spice" from the worms in the desert that give starship navigators the ability to traverse across space.

I just watched part 2 of the new movie series in the theaters based on the book, and while I immediately saw what Herbert did after I became a Christian and learned about Satan's Muslims, I now see how he's using books and movies like this to condition the people. He's using the Fremen, who have similarities with Muslims, to make people sympathize with Muslims, as if they are somehow victims instead of the aggressors that they really are.

new Dune movie

He has created a victimized people in the movie, and I'm sure the devil used Herbert to write this book in the beginning, to use on my generation, and the younger generations of today, in his conditioning and programming campaign, made so much easier for him to propagate with modern technology.

He wants us to love his army of murderers, and while our first impulse would be repulsion at such a notion, these books and movies give us a false image of the "poor Muslims", and in turn conditions us to soften our hearts toward them.

new Dune movie

Not all Muslims are evil people, but Islam as a whole is hateful and murderous, and those in Islam who don't like it are not able to leave for fear of their lives.

As I note in my Islam articles, some Muslims aren't true Muslims, but they will never admit that, and they will not stop their devout brother from committing the atrocities that Muslims commit every day, and are spreading across the globe.

This is just one cog in the gigantic wheel of misinformation and conditioning that Satan has seeded and is cultivating in all peoples around the world.

new Dune movie

Do you see it? He's getting us ready for his Islamic Antichrist and the creation of a one world religion under Islam, just as the scriptures show us he will in the last days.

Remember this man will come in the name of peace, and will liberate the world from the imperialist oligarchs and elites. He will use peace as a weapon to gain your trust and will take over the world with an iron fist.

If you have not turned to the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance yet, now would be a good time to make that decision. Don't wait until it's too late.

new Dune movie


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