Two important things that will affect your near future!

First, if you're still pondering what you want to believe about the timing of the gathering of the saints (the rapture), I offer some scriptures to help you decide.

Jesus said He would raise up His people on the Last Day in John 6.  Is there more than one Last Day?

Paul said it would be at the last trump in 1 Cor 15.  Is there more than one last trump?

John, Rev 20, says the "rest of the dead" lived not again until after the 1000 years, and that those that were beheaded for Christ were part of the first resurrection.  This is specifically speaking of those who "had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands".  The people who died during the tribulation were raised at the first resurrection.  Is there somehow another first resurrection prior to the first one?

Matt 24:29-31 says it's immediately after the tribulation that the saints are gathered.

Rev 1 tells us that when Jesus comes in the clouds every eye shall see Him.  There won't be any secret rapture.  Every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him and ALL of the earth will wail because of Him.  This is the event that finishes they Mystery of God.  When Jesus is revealed at His second coming, they Mystery of God is finished because Jesus is the mystery that the world does not understand but will at that time realize. (1 Tim 3:16 and Revelation 10:7)

2 Thess tells us that the day of the Lord will not be until after the Antichrist is revealed.  This event when the Antichrist is revealed will not be until the Abomination of Desolation in the middle of the last 7 years.

If you haven't studied this out for yourself, here's a article I wrote that may give you a good place to start.

The Rapture - a detailed study

Second, it looks like the Islamic Caliphate may soon be restored.  ISIS is claiming it already is, but it will have to be accepted by the major Islamic leaders in order for the majority of the Muslim world to accept it.  The 10 kings of Revelation 17:16-17 will very likely be Islamic nations that agree to the Caliphate and force the rest of the world to comply.  These 10 kings in Rev 17 are the same as the 10 horns (kings) of Daniel 7, the 10 horns on the beast of Rev 13, and the 10 toes of Daniel 2.  The false prophet of Rev 13 will be a huge catalyst in gaining the worlds acceptance of the Antichrist as the false prophet will do miracles in the sight of men and will cause the world to worship the Antichrist, whom will claim to be the Muslim Mahdi and lead the Caliphate, and will ultimately claim to be God (Matthew 24:15, Daniel 9:27, Daniel 11:31, and 2 Thess 2:4).

As I've suggested in previous emails, Pope Francis is looking more and more like he could conform to what we know of the False Prophet.  He is doing things that highly suggest he would willingly team up with the Antichrist when the time comes.

If you haven't read chapter 7 on my web site yet, please do.  It's quite eye-opening to discover what the Great Lie is and how the entire world will be fooled by it, including, and most deeply, the Muslims.

The Present Day and Bible Prophecy

I know it's going to be a very hard time for us, but I seriously can't wait to see the final events playing out in front of us!  When that day comes, we will be so close to finally living in peace and joy with the Lord for eternity!  Praise the Lord Jesus!