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Everyone is so enamored with Elon Musk. I think this is part of the Supernatural Dumbness... People don't see that he's just a smoke screen. He's one of them, he's not their enemy.

See this article: Supernatural Dumbness...

Elon sporting a Baphomet and inverted cross of the Secret Society Luciferian symbols...

Tell me again that he's not one of them???

elon baphomet

elon gates

Are Bill Gates and Elon really fighting each other right now? No, they are putting on a show, I think. They want us to think so. They want us to trust Elon. That makes me distrust him even more!

Elon wants to put a computer chip in your brain and control you with AI... He is OUR enemy! This is a SMOKE SCREEN! They are doing this to distract us and put a "savior" in place for us to adore and look away from their real agenda!

Elon Musk showing Secret Society hand signals

Elon with his Luciferian girlfriend

elon girlfriend

Watch this video about Elon's history and his satanist girlfriend:

elon musk video


The devil and his minions are very, very busy. Are we?

The New World Order is coming like a freight train... we better GET busy!

It's time to get right with GOD and start fighting His war!

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