Most prophecy teachers say that the USA is in Bible prophecy, but is it really?

tattered and broken American flag

With the Western World under coordinated attack by Satan and his minions, can we really count on the US being a major player in the world when the Antichrist emerges?

We do not know where the US will be in the last day... and today, in the beginning of 2022, it's looking like we'll be broken and probably not play much of a role, if any.

Is the US even in the Bible?

It seems so, yes, but not where most people are taught.

Most people think that the eagles wings in Revelation 12 are a representation of the US, because we're an ally of Israel. I do not believe so, however, and here's why: The description of the eagles wings in Revelation is very similar to the wording used in Exodus when Israel was brought out of Egypt.

Exodus 19:4 Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself.

Rev 12:14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

We cannot know for sure that the "wings of a great eagle" in Revelation is definitely referring to the US. It's more likely that it's just referring to the protective force of God, just as it was in Exodus. The US did not exist then, and it was simply God that carried them, not another nation.

The one place where it most likely is the USA in Bible prophecy, the wings are plucked and do not appear in the final picture God painted.

Revelation 13 beast is the combined Daniel 7 beasts

The eagles wings on the back of what is most likely the Lion of Great Britain represent the USA, but they are "plucked" in Daniel 7.

eagles wings are plucked from the lion

I believe this is God showing us the Declaration of Independence in 1776 where the US became a sovereign country.

Daniel 7 shows us nations that will exist at the time of the return of Jesus Christ, at the Last Day in prophecy.

But, the final picture showing the lion and the other nations that the Antichrist uses for his military might, doesn't have the eagles wings...

Revelation 13 beast is Daniel 7 beasts

This could mean that the US is not a part of that system, or that she's just not a major player in the world at that time.

The Antichrist will be fighting wars during his reign and it's possible that the US is one of those battlefronts. It's also possible that the US will not come out of the 6th Trumpet war unscathed. The US could be partially destroyed or hurt so badly that it isn't a major player in the world after that.

See the 6th Trumpet War analysis here

The Sixth Trumpet war will most likely involve the US because it will almost certainly be a war that ends in nuclear devastation (over 2 billion people will die) and the US has that magnitude of firepower.

So it does look like the USA is in Bible prophecy, but she doesn't appear in the final prophecies of the time of the Antichrist. She's not depicted in the final alliance in Revelation 13. That doesn't prove she's not involved, but likely shows us that she is not part of the alliance. She could just be one of the subjugated nations just going along with the New World Order, or like I said above she could be one of the nations fighting the Antichrist, but weakened in the 6th Trumpet war and unable to win decisively against the massive alliance of the Antichrist.

This applies to other "western" nations as well. Australia, for example, seems to be eager to fall into line (the tyrannical leaders of the country, not the people), and if the people of Australia cannot regain control of their country, she will likely be one of the subjugated nations that fall right in line. Other nations of the EU as well. Germany and Great Britain are likely shown as part of the alliance, but the rest of Europe may just be willingly subjugated.

No matter where we live, we need to be thinking about this and praying for God's direction and strength to make it through the tribulation (the time of the reign of the Antichrist). We need to be prepared by being full to the brim with the Holy Spirit. Lose yourself to God. Give Him all of you and let Him have His way. That's when the power of God will manifest in you. When we give Him all, He will give back and give you more of His Spirit to battle the forces of darkness and keep you safe, and help others to understand what you understand to the saving of their souls!

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