The common mistakes in mainstream prophecy teaching

prophecy mistakes

In this eNewsletter we discuss many of the false mainstream teachings and beliefs held by the vast majority of Christians concerning the Great Tribulation and the book of Revelation.

The tribulation is 7 years long - false!

The tribulation is 3.5 years long - truth!

The tribulation is an Apocalypse, an imminent cosmic cataclysm, which includes catastrophic calamity for the world (sinners) - false!

The tribulation will not be for the world, but will be a terrible time for those who Love God, the Saints - truth!

The tribulation is the Wrath of God - false!

The wrath of God is mentioned so many times because the book of Revelation shows us this same event over and over - truth!

The wrath of Satan is what the Saints of God must endure, not the wrath of God - truth!

The rapture comes before the tribulation - false!

The rapture (the gathering of the Saints) comes immediately after the tribulation, right before the wrath of God - truth!

The entire book of Revelation is prophetic, and all the events described in it happen during the tribulation - false!

The book of Revelation is a record of many visions, most of which end at the same time, and it covers a very broad range of time - truth!

So there's no Apocalypse? No!

God gives the world many warnings, and many chances to turn to Him before He pours out His wrath, but the teaching of some apocalyptic 7 year period of time is just a lie from Satan to confuse people - truth!

The preterist views - false!

The signs Jesus gave that would herald His coming did not happen 2000 years ago, and they are all coming to pass now. We're waiting for the end time prophecies to come to pass and waiting for the Day of the Lord in the near future - truth!

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Study, watch, pray, and be ready for the Day of the Lord!

We must watch and be prepared!