Bible Prophecy And Truth

Right leaning and conservative podcasters are trusted by many who are discovering the planned destruction of America and takeover of the world, but these people are tools of Satan when it comes to the Truth and God.

Alex and Tucker

For example, Tucker Carlson did an interview with Alex Jones a few days ago, and while Alex seems to understand much about the "they" and the plans of the Luciferians and the Secret Society, he leads his listeners off into a vile false religious belief much like Hinduism or Universalism, touting the Sikh's and the belief in the power of men instead of obedience to God and belief in Jesus Christ.

He's trying to tell us to believe in ourselves and the power of our mind instead of God.

He even mentions God, and mentions the Bible and the Mark of the Beast, but when he does it's not the God of the Bible and he's saying the the Apostle John didn't receive revelations from God, but that he was "in tune" or "connected to the universe" and understood life and death so much so that he was able to prophesy of his own power instead of Jesus giving Him the revelations as it actually says in the Bible. The funny thing is that the Book of Revelation is The Revelation of Jesus Christ. It's about Jesus' true identity being revealed to the world, and His triumphant return. So, to ignore that and say it's a human thing is just plain dumb.

Alex knows exactly what's going on, the machinations and plans of the Secret Society, but he just doesn't know that Satan is behind it all, he doesn't know that it's the Secret Society luciferians and that this "new world" they want will ultimately be the devil's Antichrist that takes over.

He's of the devil 100% and he shouts about people being demons while he is being used by demons himself.

And Tucker said, "I agree with you completely".

They have no idea this is Satan brainwashing them with his lies. This is the Supernatural Dumbness of 2 Thessalonians 2, where Satan's lies come with power and signs, and lying wonders, and God himself is sending a strong delusion to those who don't love Him, so they will believe the lies of Satan.

Watch my playlist of videos on False Religions! These are the backbone of the lying wonders of Satan.

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Satan is using these people to get us to trust in something other than God!

People like Russel Brand, Glen Beck, Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, and on and on...

All of these people are being used by Satan. They speak truth, which gets us to trust them, while they have no idea they're being used to turn us away from the Truth of God.

I'm writing this to warn you about these people. If you listen to any of them, beware of the lies of Satan mingled in with their words!

And false prophets like Rick Warren and the many other false teachers who claim to be Christians but are children of the devil.

We need to have a healthy FEAR of false teaching! It's ok to listen to people so we can be informed of things of the world, but we need to be strong in our faith and understand the Word of God so that we don't get fooled by the lies they speak.

It is important to understand the machinations of Satan and what's going on in the world, yes, because Jesus told us to watch and be prepared and understand what's happening when the prophecies of the Bible come to pass, so that we can be useful to God in that time.

As Jones says, there are a few at the top that control the many. They use blackmail, bribery and fear to control the leaders of the world and below... We saw the proof of it in the last few years with the lockdowns and control mechanisms put in place that were following the same game-plan throughout the world. We know with absolute certainty that there are people at the top of this that are pulling the puppet strings of those who pull the puppet strings below them and so on and so forth all the way down to local administrators and govt offices. It's been centuries in the making, and it's all in place for Satan to conclude his plans to rule the world.

Click the links below to see articles I've published concerning these things, and research on your own so you have understanding and don't get blind-sided like so many will be.

Share the Truth with others and find people to work with to further the Kingdom of God and be a help in these last days!

In the love of Christ, Dan

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