If you saw this truck barrelling down on your child, wouldn't you do anything and everything you can to save them?

truck barrelling down the road

toddler on the road

So, why don't we tell our children, especially when they're old enough to understand, and the rest of our family, about God?

Most Christians would scoff and say, "But of course I do!"

A truck barrelling down on your child would evoke terror in your heart!

You'd run and throw them out of the way even if they were hurt by your action, because it would save them from the truck hitting them.

Even if they got mad at you for throwing them out of the way and didn't understand that you just saved their life, you'd be happy you did so and not be concerned about them being mad, and simply explain why you did it.

So why do so many people just not talk to their children about Jesus when they see the truck barrelling down on them and know that they are going to die in their sin?

We should have as much concern and terror in our hearts about them dying without Jesus as we would if they were about to be hit by a truck!

We should be more concerned about their souls!

Reality check:

I don't know you, or if you have children, or how you answered those questions, but if you do fit that description, please think seriously about this.

I see this in my parents in how they don't talk to their grandchildren about sin because they're more concerned about their relationship with them.

I see this with so many people I talk to.

To not warn them is to nod and wink with a smile as they're running headlong off a cliff...

Even if they disown you, get mad at you, yell at you in anger, try to avoid you, it's far more important to take a stand for Jesus and not compromise and excuse or ignore sin because we want to maintain that relationship and avoid upsetting someone we love.

If you stand your ground, then they will really know how you feel. It will show them. To love them is to warn them.

The measure with which we believe will show in our actions, our words, our every day life. If we don't stand firm it proves to those who see it that we don't truly believe.

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