The End Game Agenda of the Elites

brokenAmerica Who, of all the millions of people involved, and in their control, actually know the true end game agenda of the elites?
The "they" who are part of the Secret Society, and the many, many people being controlled through fear and greed, are all working toward the same end. PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets Most have been convinced that there is a problem that needs to be solved.
And they have been given very, very complex and detailed misinformation regarding the "solution". PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets The vast majority of those in the middle of it all do not know the big picture.
They only see their little sphere of existence and small ideas that convince them to do their part. PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets The goal is to destroy.
The man behind the curtain ultimately is not a man at all. PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets It's Satan.
Only a few really know this. PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets Of those involved, only those who worship him know this.
Only those who are at the very top of the Secret Society. PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets Most of those being manipulated by them, are convinced in one way or another that they are doing something good.
And many are persuaded by blackmail or bribery. PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets The cornerstone of this is the lie of Evolution.
We must stop this catastrophe before humanity is lost and a new "cycle" begins! PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets If we stop it, we can continue to "evolve" and move to the next "transcendence" stage of our evolution.
We can become "gods" of a sort. PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets Like the vast majority of false religions Satan has set up tell us we can eventually become.
People like Bill Gates are so deceived, so convinced of these lies, that he really thinks he's doing something good, by destroying to regenerate. PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets They think they will be the rulers of a new age of mankind, after they kill off billions of us to reduce population to the levels they believe are "sustainable", about 500 million total.
They don't understand that it's because of this prideful way of thinking that is the cause of the earth's mourning and why everything is wasting away. PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets They don't believe it's because of sin, even though God told us it is because of sin.
Through the lies of evolution, global warming, religions that promote the idea of becoming gods, and man's pride and greed, he is able to manipulate the entire world. PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets Jesus said there would be "no flesh saved" if He didn't intervene.
Satan is using all these people to ultimately destroy humanity completely, and most of them are just bopping along with their heads up their butts, believing the lie so completely that they're literally doing the opposite of what they think they're doing. PutinOneOfThem
sevenTrumpets Don't be like them.
Seek God! Follow Jesus! PutinOneOfThem

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