The Gray Areas...

gray areas

Is there such a thing when it comes to the Bible?

My friend, Daniel, mentioned this in an email the other day and I have to agree with him that this is a very dangerous thing!

"Gray areas cause confusion, hurt feelings and soon invite trouble - if not now, then eventually down the road. I believe Satan loves to toy around with such things."

That's the very first question Satan asked when he tempted Eve... "Hath God said?" Satan loves to toy around with doubt and confusion, manufacturing these so-called gray areas to manipulate the truth!

Ever have an argument with someone about Biblical doctrine and end up agreeing to disagree?

I've had many people attempt to do that with me, but I never agree to disagree. The Bible is crystal clear and there is only one interpretation that is correct, not many interpretations as people claim. The Bible interprets itself and all we have to do is read it in its entirety and believe what it says.

Most of the time the discussion turns heated and when scriptures are brought to light that expose the roadblocks and gray areas for the lies they really are, they will shrug their shoulders and say, "Who knows?", as if no one can really understand the Bible anyway...

This is a common misconception. God did not preserve His Word for us in this day and age so that we can't understand it, He preserved it so we could read it and seek His truth and find it.

Most people who believe that these gray areas are real like to use terms like "The Mystery of God" as their excuse for not understanding and belief in "gray areas", and to give credence to them.

The teaching in most churches about the Mystery of God is that it can't be understood. This is a lie that is used to promote the "gray areas". See that link in the previous paragraph... the mystery of God is not for believers, it's only for unbelievers!

As my friend Daniel said, "I believe people who accept gray areas are people who are afraid of the truth and won't admit fault in their lives, and just go-with-the-flow through life... not really standing for anything. Not God, country or family morals. The younger generation, I'm afraid to say, are the mass example. The False Prophet and the Antichrist will have a field day with them."

Satan has laced the doctrines of modern mainstream churches with these "gray areas" abundantly. This is why the church is so apostate today.

No one fears God any more!

Prov 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

The fear of God is just the beginning of wisdom! Without a healthy fear of God we will never be able to understand the Truth. It's impossible to understand the mystery of God without first fearing Him and studying His Word, and believing it!

There is no "fear of God" so these gray areas give them the excuses they want to keep sinning, question the Truth, etc. "The mystery of God" is used to give credence to these "gray areas" as if to say no one can really understand the Bible anyway... it gives people the excuses they're looking for.

Behold: Modern Easy Peasy Churchianity. This is the "church" today. It has nothing to do with loving God and turning to Him in repentance, and everything to do with believing the gray areas and making excuses to continue in sin.

These are the "children of disobedience" that will experience the Wrath of God.

They should be terrified. But they're not. They are told by multitudes of "pastors" that they're going to be fine and make it to heaven because God loves them just the way they are.

And they LOVE those pastors because it's the ear candy they're looking for!

Church leaders are failing horribly in their duty to inform the church goers of this and are only ensuring their place in hell.

I'm telling you right now, there is NO gray area in the Bible.

gray areas not gray

I have multitudes of pages on my web site addressing this, exposing the lies, and revealing Truth, but if you want more to ponder on this subject, start here:


And please watch my videos on the Wrath of God! It's eye opening and quite informative!

wrath of God

I love you enough to tell you the truth!

If you believe in gray areas in the Bible, you are in GRAVE DANGER.