My thoughts on what Satan is up to and how he's achieving his goals to rule the world.

wolf in sheeps clothing

Satan is truly a wolf in sheeps clothing. He calls himself 'darkness visible' and says he is the 'light', the true god... He's deceiving the whole world, gaining power and control, and hiding his army of killers behind a facade of peace and love... 2 Cor 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

He's accomplishing two things with Covid-19 and the vaccine. He has distracted us away from his true assault on the world, and he's weakening the Western World to soften us up for his coming messiah, so we will welcome him with open arms.

With enough fear, hopelessness, and devastation in our lives, we will be clamoring for a savior...

And then he'll trot out his puppet avatar and take over the world, claiming to be god, and demanding to be worshiped as god.

the devils great deception

This is all leading up to what the Bible calls the Great Tribulation.

Satan knows it, and has set up the entire world with false prophecies of his own that mirror the Bible with people and events that will look like his prophecy but in reality will be the exact opposite and will be the Biblical Antichrist and False Prophet doing exactly what God said they would do.

Islam will see it as their Mahdi and Muslim Jesus, which they are waiting for with universal anticipation.

Catholics will see it as their Final Emperor (or the Great Monarch), and the final "Angelic Pope", which they believe is imminent.

Hindu's and Atheists will see it as simply uniting the world under a banner of peace that will lead to a new era of transcendent human existence.

Based on what we've learned about the world with Covid-19 and the vaccines and masks the governments are trying to force on us, those that do comply will go along with the murder of all who won't comply with his New World Order, and God told us that the Antichrist will be hunting down and killing those who won't comply.

The Bible says that he will make war with the saints, and will prevail.

But we know how it ends. God told us that, too.

Jesus Wins

We must be prepared, watching and waiting lest we be caught naked with our proverbial pants down.

The way to do this, to be prepared, is to be full of the Holy Spirit, seeking Him daily, and praying without ceasing.

The power of God will manifest in us when we do so, and God will do miracles and keep us invisible to the enemy, providing a path for those who serve Him in the last days, so that they can instruct and help those who don't understand to come to the truth.

But, we must first OVERCOME! This is the key!

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