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Archived eNewsletters published by Bible Prophecy and Truth

07-07-2024 = WhyAreYouHereBeforeTheTime
Why are you here, before the time?

06-21-2024 = WorldNewsAndProphecy
Tying it all together; World News and Biblical Prophecy.

05-03-2024 = CopyCatPropheciesOfSatan
The CopyCat prophecies of Satan

03-09-2024 = theLIESofSatanInTheChurch
The LIES of Satan in the Church

03-02-2024 = subtleConditioningFromSatan
Subtle Conditioning from Satan

02-18-2024 = ourPersonalTestimonies
Who are we at Bible Prophecy and Truth?

02-06-2024 = theEndGameAgenda
The End Game Agenda of the Elites

12-16-2023 = popularPodcastersToolsOfSatan
Right leaning and conservative podcasters are trusted by many who are discovering the planned destruction of America and takeover of the world, but these people are tools of Satan when it comes to the Truth and God.

12-03-2023 = Repent-OR-ELSE

10-29-2023 = IslamWillRuleTheWorld
Will Islam rule the world? Is Islam in the Bible?

08-26-2023 = catholicMuslimsCoexist
Islam does not give, it only takes! Coexist is NOT mutual!

08-06-2023 = soMuchIsHappening
Hello brothers and sisters! So much happening in the world right now! And I'm making videos like crazy!

06-14-2023 = theSonsOfEli
1 Sam 2 contains the story of Eli the priest who had two sons that knew not the Lord and abused their power, and Eli knew but didn't stop them.

06-11-2023 = theTempleMountShared
A Likud lawmaker is proposing a plan to divide Jerusalem’s Temple Mount between Muslims and Jews and remove Jordan’s custodial status over the holy site.

04-04-2023 = whereDoWeGoWhenWeDie
Where Do We Go When We Die?

03-11-2023 = theStageIsSet
The Stage Is Set! The prophecies of the Bible and Satan's plans for ruling the world (because he knows the prophecies) are ready to reach their conclusion! The World and the Prophecies of God are about to meet!

02-05-2023 = noApocalypse
Why do people teach lies like "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"? A Seven Year Tribulation? A period of catastrophic devastation to the world?

01-30-2023 = creationVsEvolution
Was my ancient ancestor a monkey? Did God create the code and let it mutate, or was there a big bang? Or, did God create every kind separately and uniquely?

01-01-2023 = newYear2023GoodNews
John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

12-02-2022 = whoIsThePuppetmaster
Who is the Puppetmaster? Is it the Jews? Who's the Man Behind The Curtain?

11-16-2022 = truthEqualsProphecy
Part of understanding the truth is understanding prophecy!

09-26-2022 = JesusIsEverything

09-06-2022 = trialByFire
Trial by FIRE! We Must Pass The Test! We Must Overcome!

06-26-2022 = theRaptureTiming
The Bible tells us exactly when the Gathering of the Saints happens (the Rapture), so why is it so controversial?

06-19-2022 = septuagintVsMasoretic
Is the Masoretic Text the most accurate Old Testament translation that we have?

05-22-2022 = canItEvenBePossible
Is it within the realm of possibility that we're past the prophecies of the Antichrist or maybe even past the time of the Millennial Reign of Christ?

05-08-2022 = ElonElonElon
Everyone is so enamored with Elon Musk. I think this is part of the Supernatural Dumbness... People don't see that he's just a smoke screen. He's one of them, he's not their enemy.

04-10-2022 = the10horns10toes10kings
The Antichrist will bring 10 Islamic nations under him and pose as the Mahdi, the Muslim Messiah. Then he will bring 3 other nations into the union in Rev 13.

02-27-2022 = thirdTempleAndAbominationMan
Could the "temple" in prophecy be the human body instead of a real temple? Is the Antichrist truly a man or could it be a type of system or government?

02-06-2022 = liveStreamIntroduction
Don't miss our Creation vs Evolution seminar, starting today! We'll be discussing the science data found in the earth and what it actually proves to us.

01-30-2022 = BetrayedByOurGovernments
We have been betrayed by our governments, our fellow countrymen, our journalists, our school teachers, and many, many others we once put our trust in!!!

01-16-2022 = satansAchievementsIn2022soFar
My thoughts on what Satan is up to and how he's achieving his goals to rule the world.

01-09-2022 = brokenAmericaInProphecy
Most prophecy teachers say that the USA is in Bible prophecy, but is it really?

01-01-2022 = deltaPhiOmicron
Notice anything in particular about this Symbol? The Delta Phi Omicron Order of the Freemasons.

12-24-2021 = theBirthOfChrist
God became a man in the birth of Jesus, "as of the only begotten of the Father" (John 1:14), to save us from our sin!

11-28-2021 = theBigPictureGodPainted
The Big Picture and Final Mosaiq that God painted for us...

11-18-2021 = myPlanOrGodsPlan
Am I doing God's plan or am I trying to get God on board with my plan?

10-22-2021 = threePointFiveYears
What is the Final Seven Years, the Three and a Half Years, 1260 days, 2300 days, 42 months, all of which are specifically stated in the Bible concerning the End Time?

09-30-2021 = howOldIsTheEarth
Is the Earth billions of years old?

09-24-2021 = interestingNews
Couple of interesting articles I saw today. The coming peace treaty is still being fought for, and the Vatican continues to join Islam in Jew hatred.

09-12-2021 = whoIsThey
Who are these people that are responsible for all the crooked governments and the agenda they all seem to share? The Elites? Freemasons? Illuminati? Satan Worshipers? The Cabal?

08-31-2021 = whatAboutChina
Where is China in Bible Prophecy?

08-08-2021 = RevelationSequenceOfEvents
The Book of Revelation Sequence of Events and the Timeline

07-31-2021 = sacrificeAndSuffering
Do we, as Christians, expect to endure suffering and sacrifice for the Lord Jesus?

07-05-2021 = believeInTheLord
What does it really mean to believe in the Lord Jesus?

06-27-2021 = commonMainstreamMistakes
The common mistakes in mainstream prophecy teaching

05-10-2021 = creepingIslamization
The slow, but sure, Islamization of Europe...

04-25-2021 = theLastDayAndTheRapture
Is the Last Day, the Rapture, and the Resurrection all the same thing?

04-10-2021 = globalWarmingClimateChange
Is Climate Change a result of technology and emissions? Or, is climate change a direct result of sin?

03-26-2021 = plansWithinPlans
The plans of God that will trump all the plans of men and Satan in the last day.

03-14-2021 = Rev17and18compare
Are Revelation 17 and 18 separate prophecies, or are they both talking about the Great Whore?

02-08-2021 = markOfTheBeast
The Mark of the Beast in Bible Prophecy; What is it? Is it already here?

02-03-2021 = modernIsraelAndProphecy
Common misunderstandings about modern Israel (in Rabbinic Judaism) and the Jews, and what the Jewish End Time prophecy expectations are.

01-24-2021 = saveYourChildren
If you saw this truck barrelling down on your child, wouldn't you do anything and everything you can to save them?

12-09-2020 = preteristPostMillennium2000YearGap
Preterism and Post-Millennialism, the Preterist and Post Millennial views; Are they scriptural?

11-25-2020 = doctrineOfTrinityOnenessOfGod
The Doctrine of the Trinity and the Oneness of God

11-22-2020 = enoch10weeksProphecy
The prophecy of weeks - the 10 weeks prophecy from the Book of Enoch.

10-28-2020 = revelationVideoSeries
I just completed a 21 part video series on Understanding Revelation and the Timeline of events

09-13-2020 = confirmationOfTheCovenantPartTwo
Is the Confirmation of the Covenant about to happen?

09-06-2020 = GodMadeMeThisWay
God made me this way so why did Jesus have to die?

08-25-2020 = aliensInTheBible
Are there aliens in the Bible?

08-09-2020 = theGrayAreas
The Gray Areas...

07-19-2020 = theCatholicChurch
The Origin of the Catholic Church and Catholic Prophecy - eNewsletter

07-03-2020 = heThatOvercometh
He That Overcometh

06-14-2020 = whyAntichristIsMuslim
Why is the Antichrist a Muslim, according to Bible prophecy?

06-01-2020 = islamicArgumentsAboutJesusPartTwo
Islam says Jesus was not God, Part Two.

05-13-2020 = islamicArgumentsAboutJesus
Islam says Jesus was not God, that He was never worshiped in the Bible.

04-26-2020 = bibletruthInfoTimeLine
The Timeline of the Bible from Creation to Revelation

04-11-2020 = conspiracyTheories
Coronavirus! COVID-19!

09-15-2019 = BibleReadingPlan
Join us for a Bible reading plan to read the Bible in one year!

06-08-2019 = misInformed

05-04-2019 = slavesInEgypt
Why did God send Joseph into slavery and prison, and then brought his family to Egypt only to be enslaved by the Egyptians later on?

04-01-2019 = neverTrustYourHeart
Never Trust Your Own Heart

12-16-2018 = JesusIdentityAndSalvationVideos
Two new videos

11-01-2018 = theWrathOfGod
Why, Who, What and When is the Wrath of God?

09-17-2018 = newVideos
I'm starting on a project to create videos for all of my Bible studies and major articles, and I've added a web page where they are all accessible for easy viewing!

08-08-2018 = sabbathDayAndTheLaw
Are the 10 commandments and the Sabbath day part of the law of Moses (Mosaic Law)?

07-28-2018 = canWeAcceptJesus
Do we "accept Christ"? Or, do we Love Him?

06-30-2018 = thePowerOfGod
Do you ever doubt God?

05-14-2018 = isSelfDefenseUnGodly
Is it wrong to defend your home? Is Israel wrong for defending their borders from violent rioters?

05-08-2018 = noahWasAGreatPreacher
Have you ever heard that Noah was a bad preacher but was a great boat builder?

04-13-2018 = interfaithDoctrine
Interfaithism? Is it real?

03-26-2018 = loveGodWithAllYourHeart
Mark 12:29 And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: 30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

02-11-2018 = BibleIQapp
I've created a FREE mobile app for your phone or tablet called Bible IQ.

01-14-2018 = theFourHorsemenGreenHorse
Islam is predicted in the Fourth Seal of Revelation as part of what's known as "The Four Horsemen of Revelation".

01-01-2018 = obedienceNotPerfection
Does God need perfection for Him to use us for His work and His glory?

10-26-2017 = battleForTheCaliphate
Lie Lie Lie... what Islamic factions are doing today to ensure they get to be the ones who establish the End Time Caliphate.

10-15-2017 = howSoonIsEndTime
How Soon Is The End Time? When is the End of the World?

10-12-2017 = forHisGoodPleasure
The Lord created everything for His good pleasure.

09-21-2017 = jewishFeastsAndProphecy
How the Israeli/Jewish Feasts fit in Biblical Prophecy

09-14-2017 = fornicationAndSexualSin
Sexual Sin in the Bible

08-26-2017 = theMuslimJesus
The Muslim Jesus and the coming One World Religion

08-23-2017 = gogAndMagogWar
The Gog and Magog War

08-21-2017 = trustJesusAlways
Always Trust in Jesus

08-11-2017 = Jude
The Book of Jude

08-01-2017 = canWeDepartFromTheFaith
Once saved, always saved; Eternal salvation; Reprobates and Apostates; Falling Away; Drawing Back

06-21-2017 = lastDaysBeLike
Are we in the Last Days? Is it truly the End Time?

06-05-2017 = definitionOfSuccess
What is your definition of success in this life?

04-28-2017 = obeyGodKnowPeace
Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace...

04-10-2017 = confirmationOfTheConvenant
Russia's Putin says he recognizes West Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. This is definitely something to watch as it aligns with much Biblical Prophecy!

03-18-2017 = willManAbolishDisease
Will mankind ever abolish disease?

03-17-2017 = myLordsPrayer
My personal version of the Lords prayer.

03-05-2017 = supernaturalDumbness
Have you noticed how the deceived seem to be victim of a supernatural dumbness?

02-24-2017 = JesusKingofKingsLordofLords
What should our relationship with Jesus be? Is He King and Lord over your life?

01-15-2017 = repentanceIsNecessary
Is repentance necessary?

01-08-2017 = JudgementDaySecondChance
Will there be a second chance at Judgment day?

12-31-2016 = readTheWholeBible
Why it's so important to read the whole Bible!

12-24-2016 = modernNationsVsDaniel7-
The "kings" of the modern world in comparison to the kings of Daniel 7.

12-11-2016 = forsakeFatherMother
Did Jesus teach that we should coddle our unbelieving children or to hate our parents?

12-10-2016 = doctorsInTheBible
What does the Bible say about doctors?

12-04-2016 = powerInJesusName
The Power of the Name of Jesus!

11-24-2016 = theLastDay
The meaning and timing of the "last day"

11-19-2016 = ConclusionOfTheWholeMatter
What is the Conclusion of the Whole Matter?

11-13-2016 = whoIsJesus
Who is Jesus Christ? - eNewsletter

11-12-2016 = theStoryOfTheBible
The Story of the Bible - eNewsletter

11-09-2016 = lovingKindness
Understanding the loving kindness of the Lord!

11-07-2016 = ISIS-threats
ISIS once again issues threats and commands it's followers to act on Election day!

10-30-2016 = mercifulLord
Our Gracious Heavenly Father!

10-29-2016 = ElijahAndHell
What did Jesus mean when He said Elijah had already come? Was he reincarnated? He never died! (And what is this place called "hell"?)

10-26-2016 = theChoice
Why does God not reveal Himself to the world?

10-23-2016 = IsraelLoveOrHate
Israel... should we love and honor Israel or hate it?

10-18-2016 = JudgeNot
Judge Not, lest ye be judged!

09-25-2016 = SoMuchDeception
There is SO MUCH DECEPTION in the world today!!!

09-18-2016 = TheMysteryOfGod
What and WHY is the mystery of God?

09-11-2016 = Watch

09-01-2016 = WhoIsTheAntichrist
Who is the Antichrist?

07-25-2016 = theDeception
The Deception

07-12-2016 = CatholicProphecy
Now, this is the kicker... the cement that holds it all together... this shows us how it will all happen...

06-25-2016 = aFriendOfTheWorld
A Friend of the World?

06-06-2016 = ModerateMuslims
The three types of moderate Muslims:

05-30-2016 = twoBillionDead
Two Billion Dead?

05-24-2016 = Theology-vs-Philosophy
Theology vs. Philosophy

05-21-2016 = theSacrificeOfPraise
The Sacrifice of Praise!

04-12-2016 = BaptismImportance
Why is baptism important?

03-08-2016 = MarksofaFalseTeacher
7 Marks of a False Teacher

02-24-2016 = theBibleDoesNotSayThat
The Bible doesn't say that! (adding to vs taking away)

02-03-2016 = DanielTwo-vs-DanielSeven
Are Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 parallel prophecies?

01-01-2016 = ContextInTheBible
What is true context when reading the Bible?

12-13-2015 = WhatIsRightNowInProphecy
What's going on Right Now, in Biblical Prophecy? - eNewsletter

12-06-2015 = Can-I-Be-Saved
Can I be saved if I'm a Muslim, or a Jew, or a Buddhist?

11-14-2015 = Enoch
What is the book of Enoch? (eNewsletter)

10-11-2015 = WhatIsThisLifeFor
What's this life for?

10-02-2015 = failedProphecy
In regards to what are now obviously incorrect prophecies that professed so many stated fulfillments, from the rapture to armageddon, in September 2015.

08-20-2015 = HowShouldChristiansLive
How should a Christian live his or her life?

03-21-2015 = unBiblicalButBelieved
Unbiblical Statements That Ignorant Christians Believe

11-28-2014 = twoThingsYouNeedToKnow
Two important things that will affect your near future!

09-13-2014 = WonderfulCreationOfGod
The Wonderful Creation of God and Eternity with Him!

08-12-2014 = leftBehind
Who will be left behind?

06-27-2014 = goodMuslim-goodAmerican
Can a good Muslim be a good American (or European, or African, or Indian, etc.)?

05-17-2014 = originOfTheCatholicChurch
The Origin of the Catholic Church - eNewsletter

04-11-2014 = falseProphets-falseTeachers
A Word on False Prophets and False Teachers.

04-03-2014 = isTheReturnOfChristImminent
Even today the return of Christ is not imminent.

11-08-2013 = TheAntichristIsAMan
The Antichrist is a man.

09-17-2013 = PopeFrancis
Pope Francis says you don't have to believe in God to make it to heaven.

08-31-2013 = WheatAndTheTares
The Wheat and the Tares.